The game

Since I started working from home, my schedules became very flexible, I can reschedule it anytime except of course my shift schedule, but other stuffs aside from working from home became so easy for me.
I can feel a sense of security and ownership.

And since I feel flexible, the game changes. I am no longer stuck, no more stress of fear of getting late. No more hurry, because we can always login an hour before our shift started, we can even take a nap while waiting.

Sometimes, when I’m a little lazy, I don’t need to take shower. It’s so easy to change clothes. I am no longer worrying about what to wear, what other people are going to comment about me.
Most importantly, I don’t have to see them everyday.
Sometimes, in the past, I got bored at seeing same faces over and over again.

Now I can definitely go out with friends, during weekends, I mean who wants to stay at home many hours a week, you have to come out.
Money is no longer a problem, I am not even thinking about spending anything because it’s all in the house.
I can cook, I can do anything without money, except of course during weekends, I gotta go out to get some snack and supplies for the current week, otherwise I’d be starving.

So far so good. I enjoyed it so much.
Of course so much acceptance, so much ways for me to choose from, either ways will bring me to the right destination.
Finally, I am able to have fun, laugh and talk without being heard by my colleagues and being called crazy for this.

Working from home makes us all free. Although yes it requires a lot of discipline.
One thing I know for sure, they can count on me.
Going back to the office maybe as chaotic and probably boring, having to get along with people that may or may not be able to understand you. Having to go with the flow even if you really didn’t like so.

Such a drag, but I am hopeful that one day, when I become one of the tenured, of course I’d be able to work from home anywhere I go, I can work like I have always dreamed before.
Change is coming and it’s really making us all feel so beneficial.
No more eyes watching you, doubting you, trust became a virtue.

Because we can be trusted, we’re all amazing in all our ways, we can stay longer, become one of the best of the best. We will be thanked for our dedication and of course our continues progress, and it’s because we understand we have more to go, as long as there is one subject, one skill left unlearned, we can all be amazing.
Same goes with why perfume sellers just cannot give up with their dreams of selling a perfume and having to sell 10 bottles everyday.

Maybe, if I’d also work hard with my real estate part time business, I’d also be able to pull it off and become successful with it, like many others. Why not? Soon as my reservation will be made clear, and schedule for my monthly DP’s determined, I’ll promote that place so much!

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