Look, I’m a bit of addicted to chocolates but I can still neutralize it. Friends, they’re always there to remind you not to take food with too much sugar.

If you know diabetes, it’s not a joke, so you rather stay gentle with chocolates. Dark chocolates, I highly recommend it.

Here, window shopping chocolates with this kind friend, she’s a good advisor by the way, just saying…

You know, there’s a place in our town where we can buy plenty of chocolates from different countries, char, sana all.

But yes! I am surprised too and so overwhelmed, I was going to buy that cereal, but I realized I am not a baby anymore.

I’m grown up dude, so I choose Toblerone, not only for adults, but at least not a cereal to be mixed with milk.

Look, I really like it, it’s just that I feel like I am still a baby when I am eating it, and it will totally spoil my goal of adulting already.

So much guys, I ended up buying just one of those. It’s not so expensive but chocolates are still expensive, at least you can get a discount.

Maybe only few of the locals knew this store even existed, otherwise it would be empty by now. Or maybe it was already empty they just add more of those everyday.

I wish I have all of these in my fridge, though I don’t have one. Haha. Poor little thing. But your kids, they’re gonna love these chocolates.

Anybody knew a local friend who craves chocolates everyday, wishing they’re in Switzerland, the land of chocolates, char. I thought it was Bohol since they have chocolate hills. Just kidding.

Ask me and I’ll tell you where we found the place…

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