Believe in your heart

Another hearts desire gets manifested. I really wanted to visit the shrine but couldn’t find anyone to be with. I was thinking of going on my own that day, suddenly, they asked “Let’s go outside to celebrate mother’s day!” And I became the happiest.

Mina at her happiest! It’s a confirmation that life taught me how to feel rejected, unloved, devalued, unheard, unsupported and most of all unappreciated; so that when this time comes, I will be at my happiest.

I only want the best in life, to be surrounded by happy people who are content with life; and those who will never stop growing and improving. I only hope someone will become like that. I hope and believe in what I have hoped for.

It was mother’s day, we had fun, it was amazing. I’m so thankful and grateful to have met people, mother’s who actually love being a mother. They deserve all the love and support. I am more than happy to acknowledge that.

Now it’s happening.. It’s been happening. I decided to go in my own on that day, this happened many times already. Someone is always with me. There’s always going to be someone supporting me. Specially when it is planned.

Believe in your heart and desire something, hold it there and he patient while it’s being done for you. Keep it open, believe and thy will be done as long as it’s genuine, it harms no one and it’s all good.


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