A message for you from someone you missed (comment if this is for you)

I really love you, I want to talk to you, but we’re just so far away.

I don’t know what will happen now. I just couldn’t talk to you but through this. I hope you listens.

It seems like we haven’t met before, but I am so connected with you.

I thought I found someone. He totally looks like you, but my soul only wants you. There was something with the connection, something right with you, something mismatch with the other.

I hope to choose the new way but it’s not going to be easy.

Though I guess I will be find with friends with me.

I am definitely going to see you again.

I know I will, but when?

Only time will tell.

In my own time, they say.

I am not sure what’s going to happen next.


I hope everything’s going well with me.

I found a new hobby.

I found a new business.

I found a new job.

I hope to have a new house.

I think I found a new friend too.

But most importantly, I found my new love in you.

Are we going to see each other someday? Are we not?

It seems like we’re too far away.

It felt like we both lost interest in each other’s love.

I hope I can make it up with you from here.

I’ll keep it open for you, that’s what my b-friend says.

I know I am too scared for this, but I have no choice. I will have to tie it with the real you.

I must not fear, I must not be scared. I am always been guided.

Jeju Island is only hours away from here, we’re very close, very very close.

Man: I want to send you something special but I don’t know your name.

I think I know your name. I’ve seen it before. It’s called Rosie.

Rosie from the Philippines, but I am too scared of this connection.

Someone might be killing you, but putting me to prison with you is okay. I care about you.

I would be happy to see you with your friends. I will always be with you.

I love you and miss you so much, it’s been a long time since I abandoned this connection.

We’ve been fighting like crazy and I have been choosing my best friends over you.

But this time, he too just let me go.

Nobody wants to have me.

Just allow me to work now with my new workmates and have fun with my friends. Hoping that one day, we will meet in one of the events.

Woman: Oh I thought we’re far away, we’re actually just one fly away.

What if you will make me stay and I can’t say no.

But of course I will return to my country right after that.

Man: I want to meet you anywhere.

I just wanna hug you.

I missed you so much.

Please help me find you.

Where are you!

Woman: I am in the philippines.

Man: Where in the Philippines.

Woman: New Mactan International Airport under Mactan new bridge.

Sending all my hugs to you.

I am in Korea, I am happy to see you!

I will stay happy to see you. I want a hug. Love. Love. Love.

Marry you! Marry you! Marry you!

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