Emotional Love

I missed you so much my love.

I am so in love.

Tell me, tell me.

Tell me what to do, I will do it for you.

This feeling is so intense.

I fell so deep in love.

Please be in my dreams.

Talk to me like we’re both real.

I can feel this burning desire.

My twin flame is so connected with me.

We’re not so far away that’s why we’re so in tune to one another.

I can hear your voice singing, “Marry Me.”

It’s beautiful like.

Beautiful like you’re trying hard to reach me.

Now you have, yes you have.

Speak up, talk to me.

Be confident, that’s how you practice English.

Let’s talk to ease this pain.

Let’s talk to keep us both learning.

I love you, I hope you knew

I just want to be with you.

I want you, I really do.

I’m an adult but I am still young.

You know what I mean?

Whoever you are, know that I am here.

You’re not alone, you’re not being forgotten.

You felt so bad about our situation.

But I felt so bad about our connection.

My situation felt so bad.

I felt so insecure.

I felt so incaged.

I want to be free.

I hope you to set me free.

Please angels help.

Please do help.

I’m not sure who this is.

I’m not sure who this is.

Maybe not in my dreams.

But for sure in my thoughts.

He existed in my mind.

I know he is mine.

It is just so impossible.

It felt like it can’t.

I can’t, but I will.

I have been in love and in pain.

I have been in pain.

So much in pain.

I fear to fall in love.

‘Cause I might get stuck.

Again in this trap.

I love you online.

I love you offline.

But it felt like you’re just a fantasy.

I’m tired of living in this lie.

I want to come out from this charm.

I want to be balanced again.

I want to focus in my work, not in you.

You took my heart, but you didn’t take me as I am.

The world is cruel, it kills.

Killing my love, I just want to have fun.

Love is real, specially in pain.

Fun is healing but am I alright?

I can be right, yes that’s right.

I can be in love, yes that’s right.

I can keep on writing, yes that’s right.

I am happy, I know you are.

I am in love, I know you are.

You healed me, you know.

Yes, I really do.

Soon I will go back to work, I know I will have fun.

I have given you another chance.

Thanks keep it open.

Move on with your lives, have fun.

You can only fall for me, but not to them.

Do you understand?

Yes, you do. I know.

I am growing up, I am.

It’s not leaving me behind.

I will share with you what is mine.

I will keep it open for them to also shine.

I will be your friend, they say you don’t care.

I will be your fan, just for fun.

I will have a husband, but he hasn’t recognized me yet.

He was angry with me, I was angry with him.

He told me I was crazy, I told him I really am.

He wants me to love my husband.

But do I really have a husband?

He said even if you don’t, just have.

At the airport he said. I saw him there, I saw you there.

Which one is the one.

United states is far, Korea is near.

He said up to me. He said “Your choice.”

Both ways is hard, the other one isn’t so hard. I got caught in his charm.

I became an idol, like a creepy idol.

I want to love someone real, not the one in the dreamland.

I want your heat, not your cold.

I felt so cold for the very last time.

My friend took me out, I feel so warm.

I promise not to look him up again this time. I have to get back to reality.

This dreamy addiction sucked that life in me, I was starstrucked caught in love.

Left hanging in this crazy ride.

I can hear an airplane I hope it’s you.

I hope you will search the world just to find your true love.

It’s time to wake up now, it’s time to tell the truth.

Fantasy isn’t real, it is just in the mind.

It alters reality, but it also destroys reality.

I am already back in my old place, I am going to work to get a new one.

A new one with a malunggay tree. Something realistic, something achievable.

I know I can get it, I know I will.

I have to believe that I can have a house under my name. It is time to start building.

Like building my relationships with men, I will also be building my own house like I’m growing up.

Living someone else’s life is not going to help me in the long run, I have to be me.

I cannot live yours, I have to live mine.

I have been there, I will not fall again.

Reality sucks, social media looks unreal.

It was once, now it wasn’t.

I want to know the real them, but it’s not in social media.

The real them is within me.

The real me is here. I have to be authentic.

Coming out from you is coming out from my dream and started making it happen.

Without fear I will persevere.

Without doubt I will move forward.

They may look fantastic, but I am real.

That’s how they look at me, so I have to look up to me.

I know I deserve something better. I deserve the best.

I have money to give. I have money to share.

I do what I do to make me feel relaxed.

I imagine the imaginable because I felt hopeless, stressed and depressed.

I want to escape reality so I imagine shit it’s not even real.

It’s my addiction, I know I am not alone.

They didn’t mean it, I know didn’t.

They’re just being themselves, so I might as well become.

Become like the stars not like them who chase after us.

I deserve something better, I deserve something new.

I am gifted, I can use it for me.

These days, I’ve been searching everywhere about you.

I got frustrated, but it’s not my fault.

I know there’s a real you. Thank you.

Published by irose

Hi! I'm Roselyn! Username: irose PayPal (In case you wanna sponsor me www.paypal.me/RoselynMina I am a life warrior. I have been through shit, running away from my bliss. But I guess, I've had enough that I want to just be myself. *My mother dreamt of something great; I think I am doing it, this time!⛄

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