I’m in pain, I miss my wife (comment if it resonated with you)

I’m in pain, I miss my wife so much.

Please stop acting, please do.

I am in so much pain, my heart is aching.

I don’t know what to do with this.

It is too painful I hope I can bear the pain.

I am so much in pain, I think she knows.

I know she knows.

She’s been unfaithful she’s been sleeping with another man.

She doesn’t want me because I am poor and I am nothing.

She wants someone else who can provide her the world.

She wants someone she can serve.

She wants someone to take money from.

She wants somebody to kill.

She wants to be in anger.

She doesn’t forgive.

She doesn’t forget.

Her fierced eyes anger me.

She’s so angry.

Like that devil she wants to eat me.

I am in so much pain.

I am separating with her.

She doesn’t deserve me.

She wants someone better than me.

Nothing’s wrong with me.

I know nothing, I know I am fine.

I am in so much pain, I have to move forward.

I have to let her go.

I am so angry.

It broke my heart away

Seeing her leave for somebody else’s.

I felt so betrayed, I felt so unloved.

It’s so painful, it’s killing me.

But my friends will have me around.

My wife wants the world, but I only wants her.

I want her to be with me.

I want her to stay with me.

But I am too scared of getting hurt.

I am too scared that she’s just taking my money away.

What if she will take advantage, what if she will ran away.

I don’t want it that way.

I have to change it the other way.

I am here with her, sharing my agony.

I hope she listens, I really hope she does.

I hate this feeling, I really do.

It’s so painful I am fucking my mind.

I’m not sure how to heal, I am not just sure.

My friends are here to comfort me with this pain.

My busy schedules forbids me from healing this thing.

I can only say I’m frustrated I can’t really be with it.

It hurts, it hurts. It hurts so much.

I am moving forward. I know I am.

She’s going back to work now, we have no more time to heal.

I must take this two weeks to let it all out.

I know I must.

I needed help I have to keep it open.

This wound is so fresh it stopped me from thinking.

I have to use my brain, I have to now.

I can’t be like this forever, I have to be myself once again.

I have to let go of this thoughts.

I have to let it go. I must share. I must let them know my fear.

I am so crazy right now, don’t know what to do.

I cannot trust anyone. I feel like I am no one having no one.

I just can’t let them know how I felt about you.

You’ve been dancing with another man.

Somebody told me I have to share my woman with another man.

Who would say yes to that, I do not trust.

I cannot trust.

She’s poor. She’s lazy. She’s ugly. She’s got nothing to say.

I am in so much pain. I really do.

I must end something I thought was real.

We ended up but she kept chasing my way.

She was so upset, I couldn’t stop it.

I have to get her out but I am too scared if they’ll know that I am indeed someone who is not what she wants.

She wants the stars, she wants those she couldn’t have.

I know I am poor, but not very poor.

I am always working on myself.

No matter what I do, no matter how much I pushed through she’s still not making way for me.

She rejected me like I am nothing.

She still looked at me like nothing despite of what I have achieved.

She can’t be satisfied, she can’t be fulfilled.

Maybe it is part of their DNA. I wonder if her family showed this wrong way.


I grew up being told that man will just fuck me. Man will just take away my money.

I was told that my man’s family will only kill me.

I was told that I don’t deserve, because I am just poor.

My cousins belittled me like I am just nothing.

Even though I got everything, they still didn’t realize a single thing.

I am amazing, I knew my friends told me so.

But to my family, I am useless.

I am being called a slut by man, unskilled and unimportant.

I was told the world will function without me by their side.

They kept pushing me away.

They kept looking down on me.

I kept helping them, they didn’t realize anything.

Now I am no longer falling in the trap of their own drama because when I have nothing, they acted like they’re forced to give me everything leaving them nothing.

As if I stole it from them.

They’re good in front, too bad from behind.

Although you said it’s not true, I can still feel it like it’s really true.

I have been betrayed. My friends betrayed me.

I have been looking at someone, I am constantly taking away from.

Man: I wanted to be with her, but I’m too scared to loose it all.

The world will no longer accept me for who I am.

I am just too scared, I know I am.

I felt that pain, deep within.

I can smell betrayal just behind.

We’re too close, super close.

We can still be friends, just love your husband will you?

Woman: I’m not supposed to be here, but I am not sure who my husband is.

I returned to the church.

I returned to my friends.

I returned to my family.

I returned to work.

I plan the future.

I’m on my way back to him.

I am heading my way, back to the arms of my first love.

But I have to go through this, I have.


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