End times (see if it resonates)

I woke up today Lord, I thank you.

I am stretching my head, my hands and my legs.

I feel happy, even though I am stressing out a little bit.

The voices from yesterday, clouded my day.

I have to keep going to clear out my day.

I can feel this heaviness, I must keep moving forward already

It’s a sign of depression that came out from the past.

This is something that I must update because it comes out of the surface.

It felt like a storm, a very heavy storm.

I can sense the world flooding I am not sure if they’re surviving.

It’s like that Yolanda, we must keep going.

The storm have passed, the fire have passed, but the traumatic feelings remains from the past.

In this storm, I must stand up, focusing on where I am going, even if the world is shaking.

The world shake, the world frightens, I can feel my bones trembling out from fear.

I was going to run because it was an earthquake, I had a tower effect.

I hide under the chair like what others do. I was scared to jump, so I just walk all the way down.

I kept calm, I keep my faith, I walked down straight, I relax and wait.

End times has come, this tormoil have gone.

I have been manifesting somebody to love me.

I don’t care if they’ll have many, I just care that they can have me.

Not for what I have become, but for what I really am.

The simplistic me, not the performing me.

The world is full of stress, I need to distress.

I am feeling down, specially after I am feeling so up and high.

I must keep myself balance, balance from the world unknown.

I have fucked a lot of men, dine with a lot of men and woman, none of those seems to matter.

I want to remain innocent but that’s not what I am.

I want to be taken as normal, the new normal.

Somebody to accept the change I have made within myself.

The story I have recreated for others to read.

The stories I have created for my own improvement.

I deserve to grow, I know I have to.

I deserve to be loved, just like others do.

I must start doing instead of just wondering and judging.

It’s time to keep listening to the songs with meaning.

It’s time to tune in the rhythm with healing.

It’s time to be with the armies because they’ve been also healed with me.

It’s time to be happy, this isn’t the right time to be lonely.

I have been through a lot, I learned a lot.

The end times has come, it’s time to save my life.

I am no longer changing others, but I’ll keep it open for them to follow my line.

I must keep going instead of stopping.

The world is ending, I can’t get staying stuck behind.

The walls is opening it’s time to get in.

The ending has come along with the beginning.

Published by RMI

Hi! I'm Roselyn! I have a story to tell.. Lessons to share.. Love to express.. Hate to love.. Me to show you.. 😁

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