Cast away (see if it resonates)

I needed my own place, a place where I am no longer being pushed away.

A place where I can stay. A place where someone cares about me.

I want to be in that place surrounded by human angels.

I think I have found one. I just need to wait for years to come.

For sure I’ll be getting one. A condo unit is also a room and a shared lot. Shared by the home owners.

A little one for me, a big one for my husband and me.

Someone told me what they want to get but I will get what I want to get.

I deserve to be heard instead of them.

I have seen this before they will only take charge.

I have seen this before they will only step foot on me.

It’s not happening again, I am letting it go.

I have decided to get a unit at pacific grande.

A 12.5 square meter, something accessible to that place I want to chill to.

I needed a new one. Better than this one.

I have been living in a room, a little room.

I will no longer feel insecure, I will feel secure if my room is under my name.

I like being in a community. A community of good people.

Pag-ibig will help me, because that’s where my heart wants to be.

A swimming pool, a convenience store, amazing people.

I can also get one for rent if I want.

A very beautiful place for everyone in need.

I just need that little place, for me and my friend.

It’s time to let go of others family, who doesn’t deserve me.

I will get a bigger one for me and my new friends, for now I’ll just a little one for me.

A place where my enemies don’t belong.

A place where good neighbors belong.

I will no longer be casted away by them who wants to make money from me.

I have to get my own place, for me to have peace.

With friends, I will be taken cared of.

There will be a little kitchen, a little bed, a place to pee, a place to poop and a place to chill.

That’s all I want for now, that’s all I can afford for now.

I want that area to be my home. A pool to relax, a cafeteria to eat with. New people to meet.

I will belong there, I know I will. It’s a place where I belong.

Published by RMI

Hi! I'm Roselyn! I have a story to tell.. Lessons to share.. Love to express.. Hate to love.. Me to show you.. 😁

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