Limitations (see if it resonates)

I know this is an issue because I set limits to everything I own and do.

I just don’t want to fall short like the other few.

But now I know I can lift up my limits and add more balance to it.

Nobody cares, as long as I can handle the lift.

I guess I can because I am receiving money anyway.

I will use that money to help me feel at ease with me.

It’s not that we can’t get it, it just that we failed to take that first step.

I must take that leap of faith, if that’s what it takes to get to where I’m heading.

If I really want it, I must take risk to get there. I must do it all to get it all.

Whatever it takes I’ll get there, even if I have to fly I have to manifest and I have to even transform into an extraordinary woman.

For what is this limitation about? I no longer want safety, I want to be vulnerable in all my ways.

Even if I have to let go what’s not meant for me.

Even if I have to release what’s holding me.

Even if I have to leave my enemy to take on this amazing journey.

Even if I have to forgive those who have hurt me.

Even if I have to uplift myself to angels watching me.

Even if I’ll become the best of all the best, I wouldn’t care.

If this has to be done to make my dreams done.

Even if I have to sell a part of it to get another one I want.

Even if I only have to leave them a little for me to get that dreams done.

Even if I have leave them a little to get that new place done.

Even if I have to give them a little just to make my dreams done.

I deserve something better because I am valuable, worthy and trustworthy.

I’ll take what is enough for me and share the rest to those who needed.

That way I will feel accomplished, I will feel fulfilled.

I will no longer feel unworthy because deep within my heart I know I contributed something to that community.

If my name will be used to receive plenty of money, I will be glad to share it to that service community.

I will be glad to contribute to that condominium community.

Even if I have to contribute to the Pag-ibig housing community, as well as the SSS retirement community.

But I will also trust the bank community for emergency/calamity purposes only.

As well as that of the Cebuana for my gold slash crystal collections and other collections in preparation for my new home.

I will have a vault, I will have an altar, I will be channeling, I will be lifting up, I will be healing them.

I might also be singing and dancing to help them all heal and relax.

I will be working with the light as well as with my love. It’s the fun, it’s what makes us all fine.

It’s the success that made us all feel secured and then serve.

No more limitations, no more fear of losing it all, because I only needed a little, to keep me light and functioning.

I only need little to keep me light and kicking.

I only need a little, I must keep sharing although under my name because it deserves to have a good heart like me to share it with the rest.

No more limitations, no more greed.

I will share everything that I will have, I will only used a little that is for me, that’s what keeps me happy.

As long as it is under me, I will be happy.

As long us I will have the right to rescue it I will be happy.

I have so much friends to go to, I have so much friends to return to.

It’s okay to have a lot now, because I am learning how to share it now.

It’s okay to lift my limitations now because I have learned to give as long as the credit goes to me now.

Even this website, I share it for free, as long as the credit goes back to me.

No more limitations even to that stories I will soon to share as long as the credit goes back to me.

That’s what my friend teach me. I must keep it open for me to share it all to them.

It’s better to have it all to share it with them, than to have nothing to share at all.

I must succeed so I can share more. I must keep developing my brain and my functions so I can keep on sharing more to the team.

This is not only affecting my performance, it is affecting the entire team including those above me.

So let’s do it all anyway, for everyone to be happy.

They’re waiting for me, they’re preparing for me.

They’ve been praying for me, they’ve been uplifting me because I am an important part they can’t do it without me.

I have something unique that they don’t have.

I have a lot to share, a lot more people to inspire.

I’m taking little steps, I am taking it slow, but I am succeeding you know?

Be patient, I will be soon sharing to those who are needing.

Just need that funds to keep this site going.

But I am here now, working from behind.

I hope it helps even if it’s just little you know.

I hope it helps.

No more limitations, no more restrictions.

No more fear of being slam.

Now is the time to share.

You can never go wrong by thanking.

So don’t be scared, just keep sharing.

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