Manipulators (see if resonates)

I’ll keep all my business secret to everybody, no one would know except me and my buddy.

Those people who have manipulated me with their money will not be recognized in this new journey.

No matter how much money they’ve spent on me, they can’t get my attention nor my lessons.

They can’t have me worship them no matter how much money they have given me. I will give it back slowly and effortlessly in my own way.

They want to take it all for their own selfish wishes. For their family and the nephews that they’ve chosen to take on their wealth.

Nothing would be left to them except through me. Because I will share with them, they will be happy.

I will take charge now in all my ways, even if they have put on me their gossiping evil eyes.

Their plans on me will no longer prosper. I will share to them only what I have left after I’m done with everything I have planned for me.

I’ll do it all for me, despite of their crazy thoughts about me, I know it’s mysterious, something venumous.

She’s looking at me as if she’s trying to kill me. But I don’t really know what she’s up to me. All I know is that she’s crazy trying to kill me for money.

They will have all the place rented just for me to feel naked, abandoned, left behind, have no one.

They made me feel like nobody cares, but the the truth is that I have so much community willing to help me.

Their little brains will keep talking about me, but I am here to give back what they will be giving to me.

If my businesses will took off and I will be blessed more than what I deserve, I will be heading on my own way.

I will still be contributing to their community, to their friends but not to their family, because I care about someone I know.

She kinda change her full name using their last name. That’s not what I wanted, that’s not what I wanted.

But the fools are happy because they want to take it all away. Like that cousin she’s really into, I don’t know what’s up with them, maybe they’re hiding something.

Something like a black magic they’re trying to hide from me.

But that fire showed it all, that fire made it all out. They no longer know the real me.

Only my friends and the people I trust will see the beauty in me, the great values and the great virtues that I possessed.

I must not let their false beliefs about me kill my desire to be the best I can be.

They told me I am after money, that’s why I am not into them.

They think they’re poor that’s why I am not making friends with them.

The truth is that, they’re abusing me and making me feel like nobody. They thought I am unworthy. They made me feel like they’re always better than me. They made me feel like an idiot like I have nothing to say.

Guess what, I am here to prove them they’re wrong. Good thing is that they’re not a reader just a good gossiper that’s why I have to keep moving because I know everything about them doesn’t mean a thing.

Although I am thankful and grateful I can still stay away and close to them. Eventhough I am still here trying to face my fear. I will be paying back all the debt I have borrowed from them.

Someday I will be able to tell myself, no matter what they say I have given back enough to them in my own way.

They don’t feel anything, they just don’t know how, no guilt, no shame, such a good narcissist.

Nobody wants him only that woman who wants him. This is so crazy I think this is also happening to me. But no longer because I am heading the right way.

These emotions will pass, these emotions will be gone, these resentments will be gone, these people who wants me down will be gone, these people who want to take me down will be down.

I am trying to be strong, but all they did was pulling me down, back to that thought they thought I am.

Their brain are channeling some negative frequencies, while my angels tries to keep me up and awake.

The mother who knows how to keep me slow, the mother who knows how to keep down.

A mother who can’t accept nor can’t believe that she’s outsmarted

No matter how much magic this old lady has she’s no longer going to pass, because this world is passing by along with her lullaby.

I am waking up, I must be awake all night. They kept putting me to sleep and calling me lazy afterwards.

They will not accept my blessings because they just want to call me greedy and unkind.

They won’t accept anything from me, nothing nor apology, they will just wish me ill telling lies about me.

I have been hurt, totally hurt, but other people would know, other people would see the beauty in me.

My heart is so kind to those who are kind, specially the neighbors who have seen my specialty. They will be blessed in my ways.

And the cousins and other families who betrays me will no longer have that false moves because they will no their steps are being watch.

Yes, I have nobody to talk to. No one to tell the truth. Nobody to tell my story with. I have no one. No one wants to listen. I am not talking because I care about what other people would think about them.

I was threatened, physically and mentally threatened by a cousin older than me, trusted by my acting mother who gave birth to me.

I feel like she’s a ghost trying to hide in someone else’s dream. A ghost trying to put in so much pain.

She’s different in front of them, different in front of me, different in front of the other. Maybe because she’s got something in her brain.

I am not going to be confused about her anymore, I will just move on to where I must go. She can be who she wants to be. She can act who she wants to be.

But rest assured I am moving forward, I’m not letting them ride me as if they only want me to work for them. I will work for me, and that’s what I’m suppose to be doing.

That’s what makes me happy, that’s what keeps me moving on.

I know they’re still watching me, hoping they can still manipulate me, because they think I’m crazy. But they didn’t know I have mastered something they didn’t know.

The old lady is hypnotizing me. I know she will be doing it again like that day they did to me. No matter how many acts they will show me, I will always see the truth behind their walls. I will always see the illusion they set for me.

Even if they knew it will hurt me, I will just burn it all away. I am existing but I am no longer acting. I will be changing the me they knew to the now I am.

I am new, that’s what I am. I am no longer what they thought I am. But they’re trying to bring me back to where I came from. That’s what they want, that’s what they always want.

But I am no longer be that old lady in me, I will be the young that I’m suppose to be.

They can no longer manipulate me.


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