Independency (take what resonates)

I want to be financially independent, I have to be independent financially.

I am still feeling stuck in my old source of income where my cousins kept bullying me.

They can no longer me. I have decided to be financially independent.

Since I was 23 when I left home I am already financially independent.

But I kept it open for anyone to help me and give me as a friend.

I want to be financially independent, always and forever.

I have my own books, my own everything.

I have my own money flowing effortlessly within me.

I am becoming powerfully independent.

I am going to become super independent in all my life endeavors.

I will stand on my own. I will rise on my own.

I will show the world and my old family, my old self and my old cousins who are belittling me.

I will show them of me rising from the ashes, becoming the best I can be.

Since I was left behind, I am already independent, not financially but I am getting there in all ways.

In whatever ways I will be doing it. I will be financially independent so they will no longer chase after me.

My property remains within me. Even if I will have all the houses in the world they will not know it existed.

Even if I will become a billionaire, they will not know I am already financially independent.

This is to protect me from their manipulating behavior. But I will keep providing them in the little way I can.

I have to keep it slowly but consistently. I am taking it slowly so that they will not pressure me.

I have to tell them only what they deserve to know. Let them think I am nothing, so that I can keep my everything.

I will keep it open, but I will keep going.

I want to be financially independent. I want to have my own condominium for rent. While renting it, I can still live lowly until I get my own big house secretly for me.

I must protect all my properties from the people who wants to take it away from me or wish harm of it.

Like a child I must protect my own property from the evils wants to destroy it for their own sake.

But I will share it with them as long as it’s already over. I will be getting that house in my own name.

Without their financial help, I can do it on my own. Then I will be so proud of me.

I will not use my professional achievements to get that new house done. I will be building my new self out from this old financially dependent self.

I will deserve it, I know I will. That money belongs to me. I have worked for it. I must come out from that student that was financially dependent to her, being mentally manipulated and mentally tormented, physically threatened by my first male cousin. One her favorites, I have already accepted of it.

I will no longer fight for my brother’s right, I will voluntarily give it to him now. My managers were right, I have houses to be provided and a husband to be met. My husband was right, I have a dream to provide.

I have to feed my dreams so it will not run away from me. I have to be financially independent with me by myself. I can do it because I am strong and competent.

I must keep my job it’s one of my gateway to feed my dreams

independently. I have a dream, a very big dream. They will see me shining in my own competence. I will do it on my own, to show them the best I can. I can make it right, I have already done it before.

I want to be independent under my own name. I will be doing it, with the angels and the Universe behind me.

They will be cheering me up like I always wanted. I will be talking to them through my tarot card readings.

It is part of my plant, to keep buying stuffs for my new house and lot. Under my name, granted to me through pag-ibig plan.

I will get through it, I will always will. Who said I can’t get a job after a job. That’s why I have to do my very best now as if this is the last chance.

My 7-9 years of service here will open up opportunities for me in the long run. If they can, I can. Because I must. I have to prove them I can get over it without their help and assistance.

Away from the friends I know, from the people I know. I will be meeting new people, totally new. I must conduct right and perform it right.

I have to listen carefully to what they would say. I will keep on reading to keep my brain productive and updated by the stories of the billionaires who have been already there.

I will not be scared, I will succeed. I will sit and stand, and I’ll keep my self relaxed. After so many years of being out from work, I will be doing it again.

I was taking the other journey, to prepare myself for this. I am now here, writing in front of you. Trying to be financially independent even from scratch.

Without depending on the diploma that they helped me take. I kept myself updated even after I took that long break off, because the truth is that, I have been writing and training myself independently.

Because of what I did, coming out from the family and making my own little money, even if it’s not yet enough for me, and it emptied my accounts so badly, I still made it through, I still keep it up and running.

It’s for me, it’s also for me, to be set free from the shits of my cousins who still think I am still financially independent to their aunts.

I will laugh at them when I look back at this, after I have finished all my dreams totally independent from them.

I am still building my profile without their help, even if they will keep on acting as if they’re helping, so that their family can keep belittling me.

What a shame, what a shame. I feel like there’s no way to get out, they will keep acting like helping me. They will keep her family specially my cousin of what they’ve helped to me, so that they will still feel like they still have right to belittle me and abuse me.

What a shame, it’s really a big shame! But the angels see from afar, let them fall in their trap. My aunt is an asshole even if you will kill me for telling you this.

She kept helping me even if I didn’t really need it badly. They just want to show off to their family specially my cousins my uncles and my other aunts, so that they will feel like they still have power over me.

But the angels see this thing, they’re being watched by the trick they made me. Even if my aunt/mother will die, I have the entire world it run for help.

The angels will provide me with the right people when I mostly needed it. I have so much friends, I have to keep building it, so that when the time will come the my acting aunt/mother will be gone, I will have a lot to run.

I must delete her family from the people I will turn to, because they don’t deserve me, they can take all her money away. No one will chase it, I will make money for me. I will make house for me. I will make that wealth for me.

Out of the dark, I will plant good seeds within me. I will take on a new journey, in fact I am already in it. In this darkness I planted some lights to make my new life prosperous, wealthy, healthy and abundant.

Together, me and I will rise, then I can share, what have I done to have reach this far.

I will make sure that I will make my own way, I will put myself the right way.

I will make sure that I will move faraway. Away from the people who wish only ill for me. I am making my own way, I know I am and I will keep walking alone my way.

I have friends I can share, what I am up to, and the world who are here to listen to me. I will come out from the dark, happy and successful in all my ways.

I have been there, I will keep going my way. I know I can do it on my own way. Please bear with me, I will show you the results of my own journey.

Soon I will be writing poems and songs for me, inspired by BTS journey. I will be writing good poems that will make them feel happy.

I might also be writing songs dedicated to BTS family, in behalf of the army. I think I will prioritize song writing for them.

That’s my next project after I publish my new eBook.

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