Hide and seek (take what resonates)

I used to play hide and seek with my lovely imaginary daddy.
But I am an adult now, it’s time to show up professionally.
I will be taking care of my self.
I will be bringing her up the right way.
I must stop playing like I am not here, even if he’s really talking to me.

It’s like claiming, “I can’t speak English” by saying “I can’t speak English.” Claiming “I don’t understand English” by saying “I don’t understand English.”
It’s funny though, it made me realize I was a complete actress, acting like a baby, even if I have a lot of hair in my armpit already.

It’s called craziness right. A distorted reality.
It’s to keep me think like I am still a baby, even if I am an adult already.
But that’s okay, as long as I am surrounded by the right people and not the bad ones.
I won’t be playing hide and seek any longer.
I think it’s time for me to grow up and be matured already.

I have friends, boyfriends and girlfriends.
I have a job I will keep myself happy until I reach 5 years already.
It’s that perfect time to get my house done.
It’s also the right time for me to get a new degree.
I am excited to go back to school 5 years from now.
For the mean time, I will be taking my masteral, no more hide and seek, I will take some baby steps to get to that training class.

I will take secret classes for my baby self, I will be bringing her to many different classes. A dance class, a cooking class, a driving class, a finance class, bookkeeping class, swimming class, lots of class.
Writing class, poetry class, marketing class, whatever classes she wants to take.

I’ll bring her to different communities and different cultures. I will teach you different languages and different types of skills you can get, baking, sawing, song writing, whatever!
Those little classes will help her grow into an amazing person.
I would be happy to see myself in pictures being happy and and successful in all her ways.

As long as she will help me make money to put her to classes she wants to take.
As long as she will help me sell lots of houses to fund her travel expenses.
As long as she will help me write lots of bestselling books and best articles to fund her activities, I will be happy to give it all to her.

No more hide and seek, let’s go out with our friends, to make all these things done and in place.
It’s time to go out there, to learn a new skill that will help us get to where we are going.
It’s time to listen and do something to earn some certificates and some blessings.
Just keep it open.

Published by irose

Hi! I'm Roselyn! Username: irose PayPal (In case you wanna sponsor me www.paypal.me/RoselynMina I am a life warrior. I have been through shit, running away from my bliss. But I guess, I've had enough that I want to just be myself. *My mother dreamt of something great; I think I am doing it, this time!⛄

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