Pain (please take what resonates)

It’s too painful to face this pain.
It’s making feel like resisting, but I must bring it on.
It’s the only I can come out from this sad reality of being belittled by this family.
It’s really killing me, this man is abusing me.
They’re only one family you know, I must really come out from it like really.

It’s okay for now, they can keep me feeling so lucky.
I am, I know I am. Because they did this to me, I will be coming out my way.
I will make my own money and my own frequency.
I have to accept the death of this being that I’m still connected to.

The reason why they’re still hurting me, because I am still connected with them in some way.
Somehow, I am still tuning in and being belittled by them.
I know they’re so connected with this woman, they’re looking at me differently.

I have to keep coming out my own way, let’s see if they will still recognize me.
Let’s see if they will still have power over me.
Let’s see if this cousin will still look down on me.
Even if they do, they’re just looking down at themselves now and their own family.

Even if they will be looking up to me, I will be happy. Let’s see what they would say if they see me above shining like a star.
They can no longer hurt me nor belittle me because now I am floating on top of them.
Someone wants me to be on top, I will ride it confidently.

It’s time to show them, the real me. Out from this mask that’s covering me.
I will show them who I am, I will make them feel empty and lowly.
It’s time to start looking up to the stars above.
They have the answers to my unanswered questions.
They approved me and guide me without hesitating.

I will be looking up to them, and doing their way, because I know it’s noble and it’s easy.
These stars will not betray me. They will provide for me.
I just have to be a little patience with me. I know I will soon be embodying a new spirit, free than anybody else.

Well with friends I am a free spirit helping them.
But to this family, I am a prisoner a victim of their own false stories.
Such a horrible tragedy to be surrounded by these ugly individuals living in this city.
I am Roselyn Mina, a woman from Cebu City, not the one they thought I am.

I have been manifesting myself to be living in the mountains of Cebu City. I love busay, I will surely get a place near there but in my own name.
Something big independent from them.
I really thought that’s just a little city, it turns out it’s too big if I am thinking big.

I will surely get a place there secretly. I will also have a house and lot in Lapu-Lapu City. But my condo will be in the mountains of Cebu.
I want to get one, that one near busay. I felt so good watching it.
I can channel more energy in there.
I can be more connected to my amazing psychic within.

Pain, this makes me decide and dream.
I hope I can get both, but I will plan to get one first. Since I can still rent here in there little nipa house.
This way I can also help them in my own little way, while my condo is on her way.

She’s going to be called mynah, a beautiful mynah bird. Singing from my area, where I am staying at night.
In the weekends, I will be visiting that place, because I will also be taking classes.
In the weekdays, I will be working from 10 to 7.
In the morning, I will be marketing, taking morning classes, and writing and dancing in the evening.
I will be okay, sharing my blessings to my aunt who’s been helping me.

I will also be sharing blessings to my father who’s helping my brothers to get a better and beautiful life. I will be providing him with the support I needed.
Because when I supported them, I will also feel like supported. But wait, I forgot, I must also stay where my husband stayed. Maybe during weekends, I will be flying there to see him. Just to be there, doing nothing but playing and writing. We will be taking class together.

As long as we’re together, we will be okay, happy and successful in all our way.

I will no longer consider them, I will keep going my own way.
I will be helping my father because I know that thing will come back to me and my brothers.
I will bless him slowly in my own little way. I hope that they will be happy to see me helping them also be happy.

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Hi! I'm Roselyn! Username: irose PayPal (In case you wanna sponsor me I am a life warrior. I have been through shit, running away from my bliss. But I guess, I've had enough that I want to just be myself. *My mother dreamt of something great; I think I am doing it, this time!⛄

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