Be weird

Be weird, that’s what my friend said.
They don’t care, just be yourself.
It’s your way of expressing yourself.
Remember what BTS said? Express.

Express yourself. You are unique.
You are creative. You are amazing.
I’m amazed, I’m super amazed.
I’m inspired, I’ll keep on writing this.

I’ll keep on sharing this, it felt great.
It made me feel satisfied writing this.
It’s okay to write in your own way.
Maybe you’re following a new way.

Let’s see if others will see this way.
Maybe they’ll also like this in all way.
This way is better than that way.
It may sound new, but it sound renewed.

It’s not the sound of deep stress.
It sounds deep range, deep love.
It sound so good, it healed my pain.
Be weird, it’s okay to write like this.

Writing like this sounds cool, it’s new.
This is how must write all the our needs.
Let’s write it in a form of a song, creatively.
It’s okay to be creative, it’s something new.

Something new is what we’re needing.
It help us get out from this depression.
A depression that’s supressing this range.
It’s too steep, I feel unsure I couldn’t reach it.

But I will try it, I’ll consider it as a practice.
But I think I can hold on to it and release it.
I can do it afternoon, I can do it in the morning.
I was only asked to write not do anything that stopped.

Okay, now it’s time to release this amazing thought of mine.
Be weird okay? I don’t follow rules. I have no writing rules.
This is what makes me free, this is what makes me happy.
Writing anything unrestricted by everything.
Be weird.

Published by irose

Hi! I'm Roselyn! Username: irose PayPal I'm a dreamer, bound to face all my fears, traumas, etc. I have been through shit, running away from my bliss. But I guess, I've had enough that I want to just be myself. *My mother dreamt of something great; I think I am doing it, this time!⛄

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