My friend

It’s better to be in shame trying to do it, trying to master it, rather than stopping it and depressing on it.

It’s better to not reach all the goals as long as I have reach most of it and I am enjoying it. It gives me motivation.

My amazing friend lost his motivation, that’s what my guide said, I’m praying for him not to be scared nor be afraid.

My friend is amazing in expressing his thing, that’s why I am always open for him to call me out with his friends.

I am waiting for him to give in, I am waiting for him to call me in. I am waiting for him to ask me in, because I am in.

I am in this together with my amazing friends. I will always be with them in all may ways.

Others call my attention but I choose my friend who’s calling me out because he knew me better than they did.

My friend is reaching out, he’s practicing but not really doing. Kind of lost in his ways, that’s what my guide told me.

I am going to keep moving on to my friends where I belong. It’s time to leave this connection because it’s only distructing me.

I’ll turn it off, I’ll shut it down, I’ll keep it all down.
It’s time to start a brand new ending for a new beginning.

My friend you’re amazing. You’ve been a friend, you’ve been a close friend. In the old times, yes it did.

But right now, I am ending it. It’s time to start a new beginning. A new way will come to light. Something brand new.

Something fresh is coming my way, it’s time to put on my sandals and my nice amethyst stone. It’s really beautiful.

The Lord is watching you, the good lords are watching you. I am being watched by the lord. I am being taken cared of.

I am being listened to, I am listening to him listening to me too. He’s a good friend of mine, a beautiful gift from above.

My friend I am here to lift you up, raise your hands up, I’m not holding up, I’m lifting you up. I will lift up.

I have nothing to lose, you can take it all. I will lift my hands. Lifting my hands up to the Lord I am with.

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