Inspired by copy writing community

I am so inspired by my copywriting company, I know one day I’ll be able to recieve pay.
I am so inspired, I am not alone with this, they’re watching me, I hope they’re learning from me also.
But I am so inspired, I will keep on thanking them, I will keep on seeing them, I will keep on checking on them.
I will land a writing job, a part time gig, I know I will for my travel.
It’s okay, I know I’ll be fine. I have too many in my plate, but I will wash it all and claim it all.
I will be attending seminars, for my copy writing class, as well as my real estate training and seminars.
I will be searching for an online webinar where I can still attend that training, I will make use of what’s given to me for free.
I will make use of their training kits to help me make more sales right after my sales certificate.

It is all planned, I have planned for it, I made it public so I can share it. It’s better to plant a seed while others are seeing it, I will be reaping it, I know I will.
I still have to take that lesson, for my exam, I will still learn Korean and Japanese, I have a lot in my plate.
But I can do it, I know I can. I may not be able to take up that masteral, rest assured I will take that little courses that will make me more valuable in the end.
I still have to learn at work, I still have to master their ways so that when the new one came, I will only update a little.

It’s better to know history so we can appreciate newness in the industry, it’s better to know it all and master it all, than not knowing at all.
So be patient, 5 years from now, you will be able to master it, we must because you have a big plan, a future plan.
Take it easily but handle it intentionally and professionally
I can be a good source, I know I can be.
I can be a good friend, I know I can be.
If you’re smiling, I will also be smiling.
Because of COVID-19 I cannot see how different we are.
It doesn’t matter who you are and what you are, I scare no one, I’m having fun, that’s how I get this job done!

I have goals, goals they didn’t know about.
I will accept my leaders and learn from them.
I must survive this long service with them because I still have a dream ahead of me.
My best days is ahead me, that’s what I see.
I still have to travel, I still have to share more.
I still have to learn cooking, I still have to build that restaurant, I still have to buy those equipments that will help me start my business.
I know I can make it, I know I can do it. I know I can, because I must.

If I was able to graduate that hard training, how come I cannot master this job they’ll be handing to me. I know I can. Because I will.
I will, I will. Mistakes are okay, but failures?
It’s not a choice. I’m back to win it. I’m back to claim it, no one’s getting my way, I will perform confidently.
This time, it will be amazing, it will be fantastic.
I still have to buy those amazing stones that will help me feel light and supported.
I still have to buy those dresses, I was meant to wear it.
I will pay for it, those preloved dress, just wait a little, I am still heading there.

I still have to bless those lucky charms I want to wear to help me feel relax and confident when I face them all.
I will be so thankful and grateful for the great support my team leaders have provided me.
I know this is an office, this isn’t some crazy place. I will handle myself with care, but I will also wear something that makes me feel lovely and healthy.

Oh my hair, I must keep it short, it made me feel new and different.
The olds wants to keep their long hair but all I want is a new hair.
I might have to color it up, a little brownish if they won’t mind.
Okay, time to relax, trust the process and do the rest.
Learn to keep relaxing with your dancing.
They want you like that, just keep doing it.
Remember that you’re heading to the fruition of your house, make use of everything that will help you earn more.

If promotion means more money, then man, I’ll grab the opportunity, I mean, man who doesn’t want it. You will learn all the process along the way, just trust your company.
You are heading the right way! Don’t be insecure, don’t be sad, that’s your future, be glad. Do not compare it to your circumstances now, it’s yours in the end.
Do not envy it, just respect it. Be happy with it, thank it, it’s part of your training.
Be happy, no quitting okay? Just keep taking that baby steps okay? You have a long long way to go.
Worrying doesn’t help, but good expectation always makes you the best.
I know you will make it through you can get all the rules.

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Hi! I'm Roselyn! I have a story to tell.. Lessons to share.. Love to express.. Hate to love.. Me to show you.. 😁

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