Once again, she felt crazy, somebody ignored her.
She hate this feeling when she’s not being recognized, but maybe also because of her own negative thoughts.
There’s nothing wrong with saying YES, do not expect anything from them.
You have to be reselient, you have to be fine, stop acting, you’ve got everything.
Soon you will start working, since they’re already paying, I am already receiving.
I will be accepting, I will be giving them the best I can be.

She can sense some loneliness, coming out from nowhere, it is just depression due to sleep disorders, or maybe she’s just a bad listener, there are stories who wants to be heard, but she doesn’t want to listen.
There are people who wants to be seen, but she’s too scared to see. I can see what’s wrong with her person, I can see she’s been crying all day, I can see that she’s crazy.

It was just an act, but it looks so real, but it’s not, I am a type of person who accepts. I don’t reject, it’s acting because they’re thinking of something.

Craziness is just an act, there’s someone behind it, you cannot fool a child that is full of experiences, even if you will act like that, no one’s really going to see that, help yourself because only you can help you, no one else will.

Even if you will call us anything, I don’t understand that, I am English, say it in English. If you needed help, just say help, don’t say anything like this.
This is a message from the angels, angelic love, angels of all angels, this woman is acting to protect her thing. But no one is really listening because everybody knows she’s just acting.
When she’s dead she will return back to her original self, just wait until the end, you will see him back, back to her true self.

People acted badly, there’s a thinking mind behind it, she wanted help, she wanted me to do it, she’s crazy, she’s really really crazy, but I know she’s just acting, I will not change my way. I will keep going on my own, I will keep on succeeding.
Nobody’s changing, I am only renewing. The Lord is with me, sorry haters, you’re not welcome here. If I hear words, I will write it correctly.

But if I won’t write it, it’s because it is something crazy. I will be meeting with these people not in my tribe, I can only work on them on the floor. I will be happy to work with them, I will be working on my insecurity issue.
My guide told me not to be so insecure, that’s why I am here because I am trying to work on me.
I will be doing things according to what they told me, I will be listening and having fun while I am doing it.

It’s funny when I am having fun, I am happy when I choose to be happy. I feel good when I choose to feel good. I can fake it until I make it. But I will be my authentic self when I am at the office, I will be going to find a good way to make myself happy.
I will be connecting to them, I think I will be happy. They will be serious, but I will make my life spicy and healthy.
Next week could be a big day, my insecure day, but that’s really up to me.

I have my own genre now, I must act like I am a writer and a caregiver, not in finance because these people graduated in finance. I will not compete I will only try my best. My score is my responsibility. My quality check is my own responsibility. I will be doing things differently. I have a friend who can laugh at it when needed.

I will just think of its kindness, the positive side of everything. Although I may not be so glad around them, I will be glad around myself. If they’ll ignore me, then I’ll ignore them, that’s okay. It’s okay to be ignored, because it’s okay to ignore.
In a business meeting, even if you are not thanked nor being liked, that doesn’t mean they didn’t like you, seeing it is enough.
Hearing it is enough. It’s okay to be quiet, but don’t hesitate to ask. Say excuse if you needed help.

The spirit is with you, just relax and learn to let go, besides I am here to guide your way, I’ll bring you to people that makes me happy. We just have to work on this thing, we must master it.
Know your why, because I have to share, I have to market, I have to expand, I have to do some extra curricular activities, I have to keep on helping, I have a foundation, I have to give back, I have to have that moldivate, I must level up, that camera, and of course that make up kits, and that laptop that will help me edit something, but I already have it, I just can’t let them use it, it’s not for business, it’s for fun, it’s for this.

It’s not even mine, the company has to provide. I know the eyes of the devils watching me, so angry, but the angels will always uplift me, they are always with me. The angels rise within me, the devils are bullshitting me, that’s why the lord is watching me. I am only writing trying to make friends with my demons.I must handle things professionally, I must take things happily.

Next time, I will say sorry and thank you, but only in my copywriting thing, because it needed attention.

Published by irose

Hi! I'm Roselyn! Username: irose PayPal www.paypal.me/RoselynMina I'm a dreamer, bound to face all my fears, traumas, etc. I have been through shit, running away from my bliss. But I guess, I've had enough that I want to just be myself. *My mother dreamt of something great; I think I am doing it, this time!⛄

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