I am no longer talking, I am showing, I will be showing you the best, not the least.
As if it’s the last, I’ll give my all that will last.
I am under quarantine, but my love will remain, in my line I will shine.
Leave it all, take the best, keep planting seeds, always, no stopping this.
I am happy to speak up, my through chakra gets so relaxed, I’ve done my part.

Next time I’ll be writing, it will no longer be a letter, it will be a song written, inspired by amazing men.
I am so blessed to have this tune deep within, I am always listening.
Like that poem in the past, I will make it last.
This music needs to be released, this has to be heard, it’s where I headed.
Let them hear it, it’s a beautiful song to share, it will calm the minds of others.
That includes me, your loyalty, you in me.

I’ll show it up, I got tired of so much words, so much talking, causing confusion.
The gossipers out there, they will never stop, so I won’t stop being at the top.
No matter what they say, it’s only me who’s holding me, it’s not them, not at all.
I was at the button, I stayed down low, what they did to me, they stepped on me.
It hurts, knowing that you’re right, they can no longer flip, what is right for me will be.
No one’s going to stop it, because the past is no longer, it is weakening, so it’s dead.
Birthing in the end, let the that old connection die, they can no longer lie.

The truth be told, I’ll show them all, it hurts the truth that they’re no longer mine, but it’s my life, my choice, not yours.
I became who I am because of the best thing I have done, now you may leave, take the rest, never return, this is not your place.
If this past is following, no longer serving, but burning, then let’s completely call it dead, no more delay, let’s start right away.
I have so much to tell, nothing matters, not to you, it may not, but to me, it does.
It’s a beautiful melody, I’ll keep it public because it’s okay, I can write more than this.
I have so much to share, so much to show, to so much spice, so much spicy stuffs.

It all made me happy, I’m laughing randomly, they’re confused how I become this way, I told them I was programming, the fools thought I was hacking.
I was, but my mind, I must let go of the best I have to show the world the best I can, let them resonates, let them not.
I am not stopping soon, I just started, a new era, a new connection, no more hiding, no more shaming, it’s show time everyone.
Let’s see what you can share, let’s see what you can contribute, a battle of creativity, uniqueness and prosperity.
A battle of love, a bottle of peace, a bottle of true love, a battle of right, a battle of what’s right, together, we can make it right.

The old dies, the new one comes, a new life comes, a rebirth, a beautiful soul.
Justin’s song, a beautiful song, perfect melody, so good to me.
I hope one day, they will last, last forever, forever in love, I’m right.
Oh my God, every time I write things, I know I am showing up, laughing at the haters, watching them popped up, the world slams them down, keeping them down.
No one wants to speak up, bad things against it, because she’s rising, showing up the best in her, now they’re looking at her.
But wait, what did you do to her? Can you still come out with that bad mouth, it’s killing you, the world is watching you.

Evil is dying, the world is prospering, I cab see it shining, I can see it progressing, she’s going to hit it.
She’s going to hit it, this good heart remains, the best is yet to come.
I will be listening the best copy writing skills, I have a background in business, therefore I am allowed to operate.
7 months of prosperity, more and more ahead, investing in those machines.
Machines that sells and generates more and more credits to me.
I am not lossing it because I am investing it.
It’s in my mind, it’s in my books, I will remain.
I will always be remembered and seen by the new me.

A new normal that shows, a new normal that keeps giving birth, a new normal that comes out of what’s normal.
A new experience, a lot, more is waiting, everything is waiting, I will show them.
Serving myself is better, than serving others, I will share instead of serve because it’s noble, it’s my new normal.
I will share share my skills, I will share my expertise, I will share my thoughts, hoping that it will help.
Let’s see what others would say before I scare myself away, it’s show time everybody.

It’s time to show what I can be, acting is no longer working for me.
Let’s show them what I can be without allowing them to serve me shits and have me paid in the end.
Instead, I will share, I will keep on sharing, it’s never ending.
I will be preparing for that business, I will be investing, showing to them, what I can be.
No worries, I am humble and free, not a threat but a bless, they won’t be threatened just like how they threathened me.
I learned how it felt, I learned how I was being threatened.
I will get water from the source instead of someone who will call you lazy for not doing it far.
I have a source, I am source. This people sucks, I know they are.

They want war, I’ll show them war, I’ll them who they are, let’s give them a mirror so they’ll see who they can be.
They’re not really coming out from me, but just want the hell out of me.
It’s so amazing, I am just laughing. They act like they’re being oppressed, when they’re the one who’s breaking it.
If they want to be free, then let them come out from me, otherwise I show their ugliness , the world will see.
I am acting asleep, not seeing them, but man, I am just right here watching you shit on us, acting blind, allowing you to come out.

Let’s see of you will crawl back, I guess you will not, so I will release you, I know you won’t ask anyway.
It’s not her, it’s me, it’s always been me, who’s holding them up, because I thought they’re family, but what they did to me, cast me away, almost killed me.
Such a shame, you must let them leave, run away, they’re no longer needed, that’s what I say, what are they doing here anyway.
They want to serve but they don’t share, they sell, what the heck, is that serving?
You’re not needed, I am able to do it my own, I keep coming out, I thought I am within them, heck they’re within me.

I am keeping them because I am ashame I don’t know where to put them.
They’re calculating the money she borrowed from them, not calculating the expenses she have paid for them, what a shame, not even thanking, only good at acting when they are needing.
Oh they can, they’re good at finding things, what are they doing inside if not acting like they can’t, they must leave right?
I hope they’d be awake, let’s see the real them, let’s see them, let’s face them.
You started it, you all started, good, then I’ll finished it.
It’s show time!

I will compete with them, let’s see who’s the real family here, not the fakers who are just belittling and scaring this little soul.
They’re not respecting me as a real family, then I cannot change that, I’ll accept that to heal the pain, then we can stay as friends.
But as a niece, I will come out from her, let’s see what my other cousins will do.
This time I will come back, a real niece and nephew in me, it’s show time.
Whatever you will feed me, no one will buy it in all ways, because the mother that I know isn’t real, it’s my aunt and uncle and it’s fake.

It’s show time! I am no longer acting, yes I am not a real family that’s why they’re not accepting me, and they’re just belittling me.
But look! I am amazing now, I am free. I have a new friend, someone new, my aunt is my friend, not my mother.
Problem solved, my cousins are my friends not my brothers. It’s time to leave, separate from them, because we’re no longer family.
All the shits they thought of me will become one of their family and that’s okay.
I can act in front of them, but not any longer.
She’s just my aunt, not my father.
They want to exchange me to them, they’re only making it worst, I want to hear them say.

Let’s show them who I am. Let’s come out from them, it’s time to be me, it’s all clear now. Can I get a hello there, the worst is yet to come to them, it’s time to come out from them. The woman they think was their daughter wasn’t really her. I am coming out from them, it’s so cool isn’t it?
But oh, what they’ve done to me is great!
I have transmuted everything, can I get a Kudo there! It’s show time!

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Hi! I'm Roselyn! Username: irose PayPal (In case you wanna sponsor me I am a life warrior. I have been through shit, running away from my bliss. But I guess, I've had enough that I want to just be myself. *My mother dreamt of something great; I think I am doing it, this time!⛄

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