Amazing day 5:55

Today is an amazing day for me.
I published another book.
I hope it will work.
It’s under review.
I’m just hoping.
Now they’re publishing.

It’s morning here.
I want to thank.
The universe gave me so much gifts.
Gift of knowledge.
Gift of friends.
Gift of relaxation.
I am so thankful and grateful.

He woke me up to keep me up.
He knocks on my door for me to open up.
Thank you for all the food I ate.
These people are giving me so much to take.
I am so blessed. I am super blessed.
I am loved even if I have no love life.
My best friend is me, and she’s happy.
She will be guiding me all the way.
She will not leave me behind unlike the other one.
I am receiving luck, I am so lucky.
I am so blessed.

I am so thankful and grateful I must only think of the great things in life.
The Universe gave me so much gifts for me to share.
I will take risk, it’s okay, it’s better that way.
I hope my books doesn’t hurt anyone, except those who have been mentioned.
But it’s not going to hurt anyone because it’s not talking about politics.
My books talks about myself.
You might want to see and take a look at it.
I’m an independent publisher, free at amazon.
I am so lucky KDP existed, I got to share my stories, I contributed something cool to the world.

I will not regret everything I have said. I am having fun, it’s really fun.
I am sharing it here, to thank the one. My hear is open all the time.
Leaving that insecurity that’s no longer serving me, that childhood insecurities that’s no longer true to me.
Come on it’s 2020, look back the places I have been since I left my town.
I’m on the right track baby, I know I am.
I can’t wait to buy that moldivate, I can’t wait to launch this site.

I am excited to interact with you.
I want to write every morning before I will do anything.
Not worrying so much about my writing style, I just want to express.
This is what this site is all about.
My shout out page, ready for you all to read.
I will keep it running, I will keep it growing.
Please subscribe to my page as well as my future channel.
I will be playing with cystals and beautiful cards.
It’s going to be exciting, I can’t wait to boom my first reading.
I’m going to play with my nails just like they do.
I will keep on imagining, my brand new blue home, with that blue swimming pool.
A blue car and a blue design.
Nice interior design. Firm and bluish as well.
Okay, gotta sleep now.
I thank the angels for everything.
For guiding me in all my thing.
For the fun and for all the lucky days I am having.
They keep reminding me not to keep on stressing of that relationship that walked away from me, because it’s just a little thing, I have to play with me.

I have this inner child, a beautiful one. Who wants to dance, who wants to write, who wants to be with friends, who wants to have that sexy comfortroom.
I am so lucky, it’s meant for me.
My stories will help them, it will help them all the way.
I have a non fiction, I would like to write a non fiction one.
I will be writing one after that copywriting dojo that I will be listening.
It’s going to fun.
That’s what my mornings makes so fun.
So much blessings. So much to write about.
I will share it in my fb page.
I will credit the angels and the gods for this.

Thank you lord for this amazing company that values me. They deserved to be served well because they have given allowances to me. That’s what I needed. Just allowances.
I am already very happy and excited to attend their training.
No one will be slouching because we will be playing. Our creativity will be amazing.
I have to keep it open specially in my everything.
I am always happy to be with this new company, it’s beautiful and it’s friendly.

Now I can buy her that beautiful Sumba attire, and get her a driving lesson.
They will be jealous that’s what I wanted. It’s so funny, I must really have fun with this.
Let go of the naysayers, just move on with your thing.
I planned to get things done, socially to get all the sales for me.
I will be getting all that certificates this year after my brokerage training.
Both trainings will be given to me, so much trainings and blessings for me.

I hope to get more sales, and be able to finish all those I have started.
This morning is awesome after quarantine I will be publishing something.
A book full of lovely poems. It’s lovely and it’s making me feel good within and without.
All I ask is plenty of opportunities coming Mt way. I hope to see them inviting me.
I hope to see them allowing me.
I am already very happy it helped me.
I am excited. I am super excited to move on to my journey.

The sun is shining for me. I am so lucky.
It will be amazing, amazing all the way.
I will be providing them the best I can be.
More blessings will come to me.
More blessings will.
Okay, signing off, what an amazing day.

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