Forgiveness 11:02

I woke up so thankful today that I receive a guidance from my angels, I woke up with a blessing.
Someone from social media just reminded me of forgiveness, when I am almost forgetting it.
It’s the best weapon and the best swords against my enemies, my smile, it lights up my day, my face shines.
I am so happy, I know, I have been struggling with anger management, but forgiveness is my last resort.
It’s for free, it’s safe, I can give it to me for them, but that doesn’t mean I will get close to them.
They already know what they’ve done to me, perhaps they will understand that.
I learned forgiveness, it’s the best weapon I have, it is not for them to be happy or be sorry, it’s for me to feel secure, protected, and happy in all my ways.
The angels watched, the lords provides, the gossipers sucks, the traitors and the worse enemies salivates, they want to eat, eat you alive with their angry face, you can’t change them, but hey, you can forgive them.

Forgiveness is amazing, it’s an amazing sleeping pill. It’s bitter, it’s painful, it is spicy but I’ll take to heal it.
It’s the cleanest way I can support my self. Instead of pouring in all the dirty thoughts, forgiving and smiling really saves my energy.
Man, you deserve your peace, even if they will be spoiled around you, man you’re not a tree, you can say no and stay away from them, this time it’s forever.
Smile in front of them, show them your charm, let them see the best in you, they might witched you but they can’t hurt you.
Forgive them already even if they don’t want to accept it, do it for yourself 11:11.

Just do it, smile, let your heart shine, you’re here to love, you’re paid to relax, you’re paid to perform, you’re paid to learn, you’re paid to do good, you’re paid to inspire, you’re paid to share good thoughts and good lessons. You are loved. You are accepted.
Do it to your self.
The haters can’t accept your blessings, so don’t force it anyways that’s what my friend taught me.
All the love, you deserve it, claim it, all the blessings, all the calmness, all the happiness, I deserve it.
The bitterness is amazing, it’s all protein.
I tasted it, I almost vomit, but men it’s the cleanest and purest I have ever tasted.

I felt so special, it’s so special. Bitterness is cool, it’s like magic, it makes me feel happy and magical.
I have been blessed because I took the risk.
I have been so fortunate and so lucky because I did little things that no one would take.
I love the idea of being me, the idea of just forgiving them, I will accept their forgiveness, but man it’s over. I thank the times that we have spent together, I forgive the times you have bullied me, obviously not for the better.
Just look where I am right now, living in that amazing dream I am heading to.
It’s a day, a day. My day will come, my day will come when I will be able to create the best of all the best.
I forgive all the bullies specially those with mental illness, there’s no winning with an enemy who cannot see.
He’s blind, they’re blind they cannot see, they cannot hear. I understand why because they don’t want to see the best days a head of me.

They didn’t want to hear, the best voice I gifted to share. They didn’t want to smell that roses in the gardens.
Disappointments deserves my forgiveness, even if they will keep coming, they won’t be entertained, because I already knew them, I can see them in front of me, nothing, just nothing.
I am moving on, all these insecurities will no longer kill. I will forgive these thoughts because I have been there. I am better now.
I am here not to compare, I am here to respect and learn.
All they needed is someone who is trainable, someone who can perform the task, not someone whom they can bully like that man who’s surrounding me.

I am so scared of bullying, I keep running away from them, but this time, my time. They will be hurt, they’d better not try me again, I am ready to insult them.
If they’re good at hurting me and bullying me, I am good at showing them the bitter them.
Well, I am good at uplifting to people who are humble and kind, but to those who are negatives, beware of my Venums, you might get thorned.
I hope they’re ready to pick themselves up should they try belittling me nor bullying me, I hope they’re ready should they try playing mind games with me.
Anyways, take what resonates.

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Hi! I'm Roselyn! Username: irose PayPal (In case you wanna sponsor me I am a life warrior. I have been through shit, running away from my bliss. But I guess, I've had enough that I want to just be myself. *My mother dreamt of something great; I think I am doing it, this time!⛄

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