Until forever ends

Until forever ends, I will keep myself happy.
Until forever ends, I will keep myself okay.
Until forever ends, I will choose to forgive.
Even if they’ll call me crazy, I will still forgive.
It’s not for them, it’s for me to be keep my happiness still.

Until forever ends, I will stay young and healthy.
Until forever ends, I will keep my optimistic attitude.
Until forever ends, I will allow others to resonate.
There are really psychics, they’re not just crazy addicts.
I can sense a psychic from deep within.

Until forever ends, I will read your minds.
Someone is offensive, probably doesn’t know how to handle crisis.
She’s still a baby girl but her life makes her tougher, I can still feel that they’re so disconnected from the world they’re living in.
Because of the nature of work they’re having and the lifestyle they’re following.
For me, I’ll keep myself healthy and happy.
I used to be privant but that’s not really helping me.
If I will expose the best of me, they’ll not to challenge me.
They can ignore both the good and the bad, really up to them.

I can see someone authoritative, but it’s really her thing, you can’t change her for acting that rule, you can learn from her as well.
Just keep listening and stay humble like a good follower.
If you’re called to be a leader, just encourage everyone to share.
I will decide for me, me first above all else.
In the end, people will either let go, fail someone, disappoint someone, disapprove someone, reject someone, belittle someone, up to them, they’re doing it for them for whatever reasons, it’s none of my business.

Until forever ends, I will keep respecting them for being them.
If it’s a yes then a yes, I will take a no for a no.
This is not offensive, it is practical, this is what’s being used to clear everything out.
It saves time, it saves energy, sometimes if you will just listen.
Putting your shoes to someone will really appreciate a yes, then she will move forward, not caring what you’re thinking because it’s her thing.

Working in the environment like that really helped me become such a good listener.
If the response is silent and there’s no reaction, that doesn’t mean they’re angry with you, it only means your choice, but I am not asking you to commit because it’s your choice, meaning it’s not important if you will or will not, who cares, life goes on with or without you.
Just like that dead cat I burried in the past, after that, life moves on, so keep doing your thing, they don’t really care, so care about your mental health, move on and have fun.

Published by RMI

Hi! I'm Roselyn! I have a story to tell.. Lessons to share.. Love to express.. Hate to love.. Me to show you.. 😁

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