Love wins

Love wins over devils.
They kept destroying my brother.
They kept destroying me to my brother.
This devil is not stopping anytime soon.
She will keep on destructing and destroying my psycho over others.
If she will never stop anytime soon.
She’s in shame that she couldn’t tell the world I am someone special because she changed her name.

She’s too ashame she hated anyone like my brother.
That’s her role I believe, but that’s not going to change anytime soon.
That’s her choice, and she’s got to do it.
She’s a criminal in her own brain.
My poor brother has to go home.
Soon as this pandemic is over.
He’s being maltrated by an aunt and it hurts him thinking that it is actually her mother who did it to him.
It’s the worse experience he ever have with her, he’s got to leave soon.

I will pray for good results.
I will pray for good people.
I will pray for better future.
I will pray for an amazing day.
I will be happy to see the best in them.

Published by Roselyn

Hi! I'm Roselyn! The first and only daughter of my father. He's a farmer and I am so proud of him for raising me and accepting me as his own. I believe that Broken families are meant to be broken for good. As a product, I always feel in-secured about family coz I think I don't have one and I am left alone; but the truth is, I still have them, they just went separate ways and I just have to accept that and move on. It's my only insecurity, I have no place to call my home coz my parents doesn't have one. They're broken after all. I'm going to make a family and it will start with me.

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