Choose to be happy

I choose to be happy when someone is happy.
Whenever I am stress and depresses, I look around them and see them being relax and happy, I am also happy and chill.
I can hear them ask questions and everything’s all right for them.
I will initiate cool conversation and share myself to these people.

They are different, I can see their spirit, but if I am looking at them, they’re just humans like me too, dressing differently, diverse and funny.
Getting to know these people will really help me learn something new from them.
I must keep my heart open to these types of people who have been so cool towards them.
I will keep my job, I will let go of looking at them and comparing myself to them, it’s no longer funny.

Another team will come in, another people to get to know with.
This company is big, you can’t really meet them all.
Rest assured they’re on the same floor.
Good you know, I’m not scared of being put to shame.
I have a team, I must look at them all.
I have a friend who’s lifting me up.

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