The Future

Thank you Lord I woke up happy today, finally I got used to being woken up in my sleep, I’m no longer sleeping deep, hopefully it’s a good sign of recovering from depression.

I have a new goal, today I had a new goal, that is to enroll myself in a tesda accredited school, but for now, I will take that free online classes they offered online.

It’s time to utilize freebies. It’s time to get things done, it’s time to keep going instead of slouching and thinking about my enemies thoughts and whereabouts.

I am happy today, I got a beautiful day, I am surrounded by great friends better than those I have hated.

Waking up today, making my heart cool and happy, drinking up that water, staying healthy, it’s good to say, it’s really good to keep it cool and good.

I am excited to go back to training, I will be happy to learn more every single day, I am excited to attend seminars and take tours for vlogging as well as selling.

Selling really keeps my heart going, I have so much things to do, I will not let myself get stuck in unnecessary thoughts about the old wirings and thoughts that’s depressing me.

I will come out, I’ll take that challenge I heard and learn from listening that podcast. I will take the challenge to collect those stones and make it my business, I’ll do the same with golds too.

My piggy bank had unlimited space it’s just waiting for food. I will surely feed it 500 every salary and maybe more specially if I have more incentives and bonuses coming.

Praying for more invites and of course more chances of winning, I will attend contest as long as I can make it, I will seek help if that’s what’s really needed.

I have all the plans set, I am going to make it. My brain is full of it, specially that house and lot on top of CEBU provinces. I am in love with the place, I am slowly living in it.

I will dance with them, I will climb mountains with them, I will run that funrun with them. I will take that spartan soon as I can get that available time.

I will keep my heart full of drives to keep myself hydrated with all the necessary tips and techniques that will keep me warm and active.

In this world of competency, I must strive for my new world to stand, firm, strong, and of course govern with a grateful heart. At age 60 I will have those places planted, trimmed and shared to people who are in need.

The olds will do the same, planting fruit trees to be given for free, a very good farm that will feed the hungry. I am still in my 20’s and I am hoping in my 30’s I am already half way there, helping the olds to get their farms done.

I am so happy today, my brain is the happiest specially when it’s aware that she’s being used appropriately, for good intentions, holding that good thoughts. Food for everyone when I am 60 and above.

Now that I am still in my 20’s, I’ll build my profile up. I might have to start schooling for real estate management, I will take the chance to take that little steps done while I am working on making it big and great.

I will check on my schedule, I must hussle before my brain sleeps and put me in a state of depression. I must walk up, walk down, keep dancing, just running, climbing, all these sports I will do to help my brain follow a certain pattern, a pattern that will unlock my immortal being.

Oh that sounds scary but that’s really what I am up to, not to compete just to really have fun for me to stay healthy, beautiful and sexy. There’s no stopping here, there’s only resting, every single schedule everything restarts and resumes.

So schedule yourself so you will be guided, set a goal but don’t forget to set schedule, it induces action, just like deadline induces everything, will force everything to work on your favor. Yes it will, it worked for me all the time, the universe listens.

You will see it when you believe it, that’s the message I kept on getting from the great teachers from around the globe, I have a greater purpose and I will live with that. As long as my heart and mind is one, there’s no quitting.

Go out and get a signal should this people tries to intervene, my aura must be protected, whatever cost will it take. I must be high, seeing myself at the top, I want to feel great, I want to feel happy and fulfilled.

If I am going to be happy tomorrow, why not now, that’s the right question to ask. Stop asking why, instead ask yourself “Why Not?”
If you are in a journey and your driving, should you know first where you’re going before the map will show you more options to lead the way?

Know where you’re going, this is really a good day! I am so blessed with this message. I will tune in to this frequency everyday, I believe it’s not leaving the day, just like that sun never leaves even when it’s dark, it’s just waiting for its schedule to shine bright like a diamond.

I can’t stop writing, I guess I have so much to tell, please be ware, this is just for those who care, if you don’t, please leave nothing but a footprint, give a thumbs up and say YES! to this! Wishing you’d be happy everyday everybody. Namaste.

Published by irose

Hi! I'm Roselyn! Username: irose PayPal I'm a dreamer, bound to face all my fears, traumas, etc. I have been through shit, running away from my bliss. But I guess, I've had enough that I want to just be myself. *My mother dreamt of something great; I think I am doing it, this time!⛄

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