Why not?

There is always a lesson. He was crying in vain, they were totally hurt not because of love but because they suppressed their love.

But they can’t hold it anymore, they have to stand still and let their hearts be revealed. No matter what these people would say, it doesn’t matter to me.

The heart wants what it wants, and it cannot be reprogrammed to unloved someone you once loved. Since you live in love and so you will always love.

All other forms of emotions are made out of love, but it’s no longer love. Although it originates from love and it will eventually return to love.

Just like black and white, all colors came from white, can you tell me I am right or wrong? Just like all of these things we are seeing differently, but once made of only one substance. Do you know what that is?

I like science, but I didn’t know why I studied it, I guess I need to know more WHY because I will get motivated.

All of these just complicates things, but if you want to be specific, then I’ll bring you to its simplest form.

Wow, what a dream. I hope you existed, but let me try doing it on my own. Just as all of us contains one common substance that makes everything function as one.

One voice, one color, one value, and one size, neither big or small. Just like in mathematics, my mathematician friend who helped me review my civil service exam, explained to me, “no matter how small it will become, or no matter how big it will become, the value never changes, it’s always the same.”

If you want to count it as one, then you must decide to either expand it to its highest form or the other will convert themselves to it simplest form. You see I love mathematics. Please excuse my dear aunt sally. It took me 24 years to properly learn this simple pattern. Now I know which one to prioritize.

The order of the phoenix. How does it relate to this? If confusion doesn’t exist, then you know that just like in mathematics, this universe follows the same type of pattern, it’s up to you to figure out.

When I was in high school, I have a lot of questions to ask, but I just suppressed it because it is something weird, now that I am becoming an adult and wants to be weird because someone influential influenced me that it’s okay to be weird. Let me ask you this, a question that I want to ask my teachers long ago, “Why do we study mathematics? Why do we study physics? What’s in it for me? How can I benefit from it?”

Same question that customers would like to ask you. “What’s in it for me?” I didn’t know yet, so I just memorize my book. My English teacher told me, one day you will realize. One day you will understand why you’re studying this. And here I am, answering my own question. “Why not?” “It made me powerful. I am powerful now, do you agree?” I did not. I am still me. And it’s a good thing that my education doesn’t ruined me. It almost did, so I quit it. But now I am back, stronger than I was before, on top of this mess, I will rise from it.

I didn’t know why I studied it, why I go to school, I mean “Why not?” It doesn’t hurt me. It made me feel at home, I have books to finish, I love walking 2 hours everyday, I have exams to prepare, I keep myself busy, I feel like I am being guided by the teachers. It’s a beautiful escape from my family problems that’s none of my business. I can meet new people.

I was a walking wonder, but why not. This life is figuring out “WHY” these people do this and that, others don’t. This is where your choice comes in. My teacher said, if it’s not going to kill you, then do it. I wonder why she’s still single until now and couldn’t hang out with her high school crush.

“Choice”. She knows what she’s talking about, but her choice decides. Lucky are those who have ears to hear and do it. Just like that person said, “Do not look at our own flaws, but listen and do it because you can.” Your choice matters, soon as you know the rest. Now it’s up to you.

Would you join the rest of those who ask “Why not?” Or would you keep your doubts and distrust and continue suppressing what you know instead of sharing it and just be weird.

I decided to ask “Why not?” Because I want to take a new path. I felt tired of taking on that same pattern over and over again and I never get satisfied in the end. Let’s see if this one will make me feel so satisfied to start with. No matter how bold and how different it will be, let’s see how will it ends. I’ve been so scared it will end so bad with me, but how would I know if I will not try it anyway. So why not everybody? Do you have a poem for me? Let’s try it baby?

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