Taking Advantage

Tuesday at the Millinium Park with my VIVO Phone #PaidAd

I had a good day, it’s a beautiful day, having to breath in and out, that’s all I needed.
I am satisfied thinking about that.
My life is fulfilled the instant I recognize that.
Beautiful moment, just have fun with it.
There’s so much around you, stop thinking about anything that doesn’t matter to you.
The fears that once control you can’t get to you anymore because it’s no longer true.
Just be present in the moment and do not forget to thank GOD for today’s gift.

A beautiful morning outside of your worries.
New goals to accomplish.
Whatever that is that’s holding you back, an old thought that doesn’t serve you.
Instead they think they think you are crazy not living your life today.
The future will unfold itself, make sure you have enjoyed today.
Make sure to experience every opportunity that will make you stronger to face the future that’s waiting for me.

Taken at the Millineum Park using my VIVO phone

I am no longer chasing time, nor let time dictate my lifeline.
I am on top of time, I decide what will I do with my time.
Schedules are within my control, except those that I allow others to schedule it on my behalf.
But the rest of the time is mine.
I won’t let this moment go to waste without using it.
Even if you will or you will not use it, it will still be gone.

You better make use of it, otherwise you’re not taking advantage.
I mean, take advantage to time, make use of it while you’re young and able.
Do the things that you can no longer do when you’re already old dying.
You’re not too old than you will become in the future, so why not regain your youthful strength.
Be the best you can be, think amazingly.
Make use of your brain, otherwise it’s going to be wasted if you keep it unsharpened.

It’s not true that the more you use it, the value deteriorates.
You are not a thing nor a machine, you’re a human being.
You have your own choice, you have your own abilities that those things doesn’t have without your power.
It cannot work on it’s own and make you productive without your mind driving it.
Just like what you’re doing with your super brain, it’s not going to function without you dictaring it.
Would you allow others to dictate it or would you do it yourself.
Would you not filter what you want your system to record or would you choose what your system to remember.

Taken at Millineum Park using my VIVO Phone

If robots can be configured, why can’t we.
If we created them, why can’t we recreate ourselves.
Is it because of this limiting belief that are being programmed by the ancestors who doesn’t want prosperity because they don’t have what we already have.
Their rules doesn’t apply here now, although it’s stronger in me, it’s like a demon who doesn’t want change for one reason.
If you will change, you will become like this, blah blah blah.

Again, it’s no longer applicable at the moment, we don’t have what they do have.
I have what they don’t have, shall I put it to waste just because of that old belief that’s no longer happening anyway, except the law of change that we must embrace.
You know what are those things that we can bring that’s applicable to all type of change?
Gratitude is number 1, being humble keeps you safe and surprising.
When you’re not bragging around what you already have.
When you’re not so egoistic, you still accept free stuffs because it’s the best thing in the world.
Like that air that I breath, it’s free from the universe. I will accept it because it is a free gift. Why would I buy if I already have one for free as long as I am not forcing anybody.

Taken using my VIVO Phone

Your super ego, if well developed, will help you succeed even more because you know your value won’t change no matter how crazy you have become.
No matter how stressed and pressured you are, you will still still do what makes you happy, isn’t that so healthy?
You have a life to live, different from that life you used to have.
Appreciate what you already have and make use of it before it will be gone.

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