Courage to see the difference

I was running away from critic, but critic followed along, I learned from that lesson.
That when you’re avoiding something, you will become a martyr.
It was wrong, I took the wrong path, I followed the wrong people.
They were so happy they’ve got 10 Years bullying me.
The bridge is yet burned, if it will be then no more link for them and me, such a happy day.
I will end it all ready, it’s hard to fight specially when you know that this woman is so tempting and has real power to hurt your feeling.
Their hearts are stoned, they don’t want to listen.
I told them what I hated and that’s what they’re feeding me.
I must thank them, they helped me realize the value that I have left.
There’s still more chances to get back on my knees, that’s what I am actually doing.
Doing the things that I fear the most.
Things they would definitely feel rejected, but they don’t care, they will use their hurtful swords against you so you will come crawling begging for their mercy.

Amidst these truth is a strong heart that’s fighting a good fight.
Without fear, I will face that fire, back to my beloved life that I have left, blinded by their money and that thought that they can help me.
But the guilt of forcing myself to be close to them even when it is a little forbidden, remains the same.
They still caught me and they’re always reminding me of how pitiful I was for being left behind by the woman I loved, to have chosen him instead of my heart and my amazing future life.
I am being bullied for this but I will show this man, I am better than woman, way better and successful than her.
Good for him, he was chosen to be helped and not my grace.
I got a little jealous, but I can transform this into a powerful me that they will lose power and will just hope they should have helped me, because I have decided already.

The chase is over, it’s my turn to show them that I am better than that woman they’re so proud of being chosen.
Sound powerful because they thought she’s so powerful when actually she’s not, she’s just acting.
The truth will reveal itself, the results will show that I am more worthy than what you think I am bullied man.
Choose her, I am not bitter, I am so happy I have escaped from the wrath that I don’t deserve.
Even if she appear stronger than me, that woman is bullying me, but I am no longer sorry.
She compared me to all of her family members that have once belittled her, that pain still lingers in my psyche.

If I’d be a woman with a daughter, I will love her, and accept her.
Acknowledge and listen to her needs.
That whenever she wants something, I would be glad to provide it to her, my motivation and inspiration, instead of a burden a feeling that she kept on making me feel.
Comparing me to those people who are less valuable than I am.
Good thing right? The people she’s raising as if it’s a God that we must serve because she have chosen him.
Crazy as it seems but life is so beautiful now, I am moving forward, it is time to go far from them.
They’ve been tracing what I wanted, they’ve been so wise they’re trying to adjust just to lure me down, because I have shown potential and they have that thick face, liar who keep denying who they really are.
The cult and that bullshit thought about these people that feared me on their behalf sound so scary, but it’s okay, I’ll just move on with my journey, my choice will be followed, I will keep it open.

Just like what they’ve done, I will do the same but I’ll make sure I will do it differently.
If her intention is to hurt somebody, my intention to heal somebody, that’s the difference we have.
I now know my purpose of being a part of this imperfect thing, that is to be the opposite of the bad things they have done to me.
If they choose themselves, I will choose my husband to be.
Friends that accept me, real people who really care about me, not these assholes who do things only because they’re forced to do it just to have that good image.
How unlucky.

I am the luckiest, I choose the right way, something different from the one I have chosen before.
The idiots thought I really like them because I that woman I choose to care, and by the way I am slowly becoming careless, let’s say if they will still feel me.
What’s that brainwashing technique she’s using.
A lullaby, helping me like a beggar, then cursing me through the families I am closest to.
Wow, she thinks I am not watching her too.
But instead of anger that she really likes and pity that she wanted me to be, I will have fun and be happy.
I will cheer them up but I will move forward, going with the flow with the people I really like.
Without hesitation, I am so excited to see their ugly reactions.

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Hi! I'm Roselyn! Username: irose PayPal (In case you wanna sponsor me I am a life warrior. I have been through shit, running away from my bliss. But I guess, I've had enough that I want to just be myself. *My mother dreamt of something great; I think I am doing it, this time!⛄

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