Smarter this time

“Think before you act. Act before you do.”

Accepting for who they are and allowing them to be themselves.
Respecting their attitudes and their way of life, sets me free from that never ending attraction of like-minded people.

I got to go where the hard road goes.
If it’s not breathtaking and if it doesn’t require much attention then it’s not big enough.

If it’s not hard to do, then you’re not really going to the direction you must be heading.
It’s the hardship that determines your success if you go through it and you come out alive.

But it’s how you deal with that hardship that makes you become the best.
When you’re relax and just cool with it, you know you can do it.

So ask yourself now, no matter what happen, for better or for worse, would you stay cool and relax while you do all your best with the right intention.

You will know by feeling, you have that natural ability to identify which one is right for you, which one isn’t, which one is going to be yours in the end, which one will go to waste.

Based on your observation, which person should you invest?
I will do it for me for sure. I must trust someone to take Care of it.

Wait, I have to insert this.
It came to me, it says, “In order to identify if you must invest your time or not, know if you really can or you just care too much to the point that you’re forcing someone to change into someone, he wouldn’t.”

Published by irose

Hi! I'm Roselyn! Username: irose PayPal I'm a dreamer, bound to face all my fears, traumas, etc. I have been through shit, running away from my bliss. But I guess, I've had enough that I want to just be myself. *My mother dreamt of something great; I think I am doing it, this time!⛄

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