Insecurities fall before my knees after reading this

“Listen, and if you don’t like someone for being herself, simply ignore her. No need to change a man or a woman into someone you like them to become; if you want peace of mind, simply let them be themselves. Choose what you really want and stick to it, do not let storms waiver your faith that everything’s going to be okay, in the end of the day. It’s okay to care but try not to compromise your own peace of mind; there’s no other joy of life other than breathing peacefully.” Photo taken at the Millineum Park, using Vivo Phone. Similar Product. #Paidad

It doesn’t matter how ugly I am.
It doesn’t matter how far I have come from.
It doesn’t matter how many times I have struggledstruggled just to survive.
It doesn’t matter how many fights I have to conquer just to be here.
It doesn’t matter how many times I have fallen.
It doesn’t matter how many times I have failed just to get here.
It doesn’t matter how hard it is to humble one’s heart after all the bitterness of life.

I am smiling like nobody, trying to live life in a dreamland.
Moving forward, trying to reach my goals.
It may not be for me, and I may not become the best that they fear me to be, but I will always be a queen in my own memory, something that they cannot conquer.
They can only contribute to make me feel super insecured, but that insecurity will only tripple back to them.
They may start acting like they are nothing, but the wise men in me knew they’re just faking, luring you in to take advantage of the things you already have.

It doesn’t matter how tricky they can be.
It doesn’t matter how good they are in putting you down; that’s nothing to worry about.
It doesn’t matter how mentally abusive they can be, you’re learning how to defend your self anyway.
Once they started realizing that they no longer matter, they’ll think they’re crazy, started searching for you and your attention, and if you will not attend to them, they’ll start talking ugly, but when you show them the successes that you’ve been building to achieve another great success, you know you’re winning and they started shutting themselves off the corner, thinking to themselves they’ve been wrong since you were young.

No need to be insecured, show them what you’ve got, and then wait for their response.
Whatever that is, I knew it’s for the best.
Real friends will clap at you when you’re at your best, but the bitter one will shy away like they no longer existed.
But it doesn’t end there, they will always find ways to get back to you especially when you’re already shining bright.
Ignoring them would fit it right.
Just be quiet, you’re not supposed to communicate with the decievers who wants to know your secrets.

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