The truth will set you free

I realized something very important. I feel like writing it down so that I won’t forget about it. So if I might forget about it, I still have this site as my reference. So, in my last post, I was talking about my mother’s past and their history which I really hated. I knew it’sContinue reading “The truth will set you free”

Controlling Your Thoughts

A beautiful memory, sitting like this, taking a glance to that blue mountain across the ocean I am claiming.I hope my body will remember, and she will remind me of this feeling.So that when I am not on my phone nor thinking about anything unnecessary, she will relax herself and automatically calm down. I feelContinue reading “Controlling Your Thoughts”

Insecurities fall before my knees after reading this

It doesn’t matter how ugly I am.It doesn’t matter how far I have come from.It doesn’t matter how many times I have struggledstruggled just to survive.It doesn’t matter how many fights I have to conquer just to be here.It doesn’t matter how many times I have fallen.It doesn’t matter how many times I have failedContinue reading “Insecurities fall before my knees after reading this”