Stressing, worrying, got me nothing.
Overthinking as if I’m something.
Then realizing I am worthy of something worth my worth, then I did that instead.
Now I am happy maintaining the greatness in me.
The beauty of nature that inspires me.
Creativity of the stars that lift me.
Though we’re far away, our hearts never forgets.
Love travels beyond borders, unseen cannot be stopped except by the beholders intentional suppression of it.

Suffering from pain that’s not even real.
Thoughts that’s triggered by that one word.
Rhythm that triggers past events.
The devil wants the past back where he reigns.
But no matter what he does, change is coming.
Embracing it is a sign of strength and solid faith.
You my friend have surpassed it, rejoice and be blessed.

Acting like the least, getting your attention.
It’s a waste of time if you will give in.
A drama that’s a trap deserves ignorance.
Give what they deserve, do it for others who can’t defend themselves.
Smart people knew how to penetrate your emotion, I mostly fell for it, but now I will head the other way, I knew I’m going to fell for it again and again.
Forgetting who they were once to me helped me fight a good fight.
Living the present moment, proving them wrong of all their accuses, I am doing it for my self, because I know I deserve the best from me itself.

Gifts to myself, a thank for all her good deeds.
Staying still, supporting me in all my getaways.
Quietly suffering from their abusive words, still recovering, proving them all wrong of all their judgments.
Who says I cannot change what my devils wants me to become.
Now I am having fun proving them all wrong, except those who have been uplifting me.
Count me in, I am one of those who will cheer up on your behalf, eager to listen how you’ve made it through the top.

Published by RMI

Hi! I'm Roselyn! I have a story to tell.. Lessons to share.. Love to express.. Hate to love.. Me to show you.. šŸ˜

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