You know what to do, heck it’s a little bit hard to start doing it now, because your faith is too weak and you don’t know how to accept shame and gossips in case you will fall short again. But all of those are just your reasons to hide your desire to stay dependent to your mothers milk.

You’re in a fight or flight mode, suddenly you realized that fighting isn’t easy, but flying isn’t easy too, you’re caught off guard and then you decided to just relax until someone attacks you, then that’s the time that you will say a word without fighting back, a question that will empower you and makes the enemy doubt about themselves, even the bad once fall depends on how strong their doubts is. After all they’re also good at making yourself doubtful, so why not use it against them multiple times to be more effextive.

Don’t be scared to ask questions that will lead them to accept the truth about what they’re truly feeling about you.
If they’re jealous, they’ll eventually notice that they are.
Shame on them, but if they don’t have it, who doesn’t, still you have nothing to lose.

Mentally, you can move away, but that only means you have to forget them and move on with the right person, the only time you will feel better is when you can freely say thank you for having them around you, and making you feel heard and accepted.
Somehow they’ve known you a bit since you’ve been once one of them. You too can feel them, but now it’s your choice whom to walk with.

Now that you’ve change into the best version of your self, you can always move away and slay all attacks coming from them, that only means choosing the new path, instead of the old same people. If you want a new story, you have to choose new people to walk with. Choose those who are willing to accept your inputs and are happy to win with me. Lift only those that wants it and those who ask for it. Forcing a fish to climb up the tree is deffinitely the old way.

I’m telling you to be smart, give those who ask, forget those who wants to be forgotten, let go of those who doesn’t need your help even if they do, move on already I’m telling you, you’re just wasting your time trying to change someone else’s by force. I mean, change has to be natural if you don’t force it.

This world is a mirror, the monster will be killed by their own monsters.
Even though it’s a little bit hard to focus on the right track, the evils of the past will keep distracting your peaceful mind. The trick is not to stop it, but to dance with it. Know where you’re going and focus on it, after all we all have reasons why we do things a certain way. Life is a sport after all, it’s how you play it that matters. You are made not to resist it but to dance with it instead, simply by showing them the different side of you then you’ll win. Who knows, the evil is also wearing a mask and it’s not really evil inside of it but a good one to test your strength.

Even if you’re pressured to stay close to the wrong once, just keep moving away from them, set your focus to become the insect repellant instead of a resistant because every time you resist, you’re wasting not just your time but also your energy.
So if you’re vampired by their negative thoughts and words about you, then just move away from that thought, eventually it will die off, worst case is that sooner or later, it comes back to them.
You’re not even doing anything at all, all you did was minding your own business, staying focus on finishing each of your goals and choosing the right path that doesn’t block your way.

A thought about rejection and betrayals might dissempower you for a bit, but a counter thought about it will balance it off.
We cannot change what has happened, we can only balance it out and the only time it can be efficient is to start balancing now.
Checking on your life, what have you done so far, the blessings you received, the successes you achieved, the real friends you have made of course the wonderful places you have been, all those new experiences that made you feel awesome will really make a difference.
You’re now entering a whole new world, where the past no longer exist.

Evils comes from the past a blockage to the wrong path, the weary thoughts you have developed, anxieties, depression, worries, fears, all happened in the past, from a thought of a child that’s scared of first time experiences.
But if you compare slowly, the adults rejoice their first time experiences, with their dreams coming true, and their hearts desire becoming a reality, nothing is impossible now except that it’s possible.
No more limitations ahead of you because you’ve achieved everything you need to trust yourself, provide her with all she needed.

The last time I remember, I have no money to pay for myself and my father and mother doesn’t give me enough attention, neither childhood neighbors.
I ended up being so careful, restricting myself to do things that requires repayment or anything in return, careful of not being put to shame and being in trouble, because I know my parents doesn’t have anything to shoulder my damages and I don’t want to be a burden to them, worst thing is that I have no one to defend me when I am out there in trouble, I’m always held responsible and accountable of my own They may not have money but for sure they’ll find a way. They’re maybe separated but for sure they still care about me.
And the last time I remember, I was dreaming of giving back the best days I had with them, even if it was only 6 years short it seems, until everything fell apart, I had to decide on my own.

It’s when you’re almost out of everything that you’ll decide to help yourself. It’s when you’re about to die that you start allowing yourself to breathe instead of depending for others to do it for you. Then that’s the time that you have all the chances to win it. Opportunities comes to you, and it’s your chance to give your all in or order to win, doubtless you’ll make the impossible possible and you’ll be the first to discover it.

Published by irose

Hi! I'm Roselyn! Username: irose PayPal I'm a dreamer, bound to face all my fears, traumas, etc. I have been through shit, running away from my bliss. But I guess, I've had enough that I want to just be myself. *My mother dreamt of something great; I think I am doing it, this time!⛄

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