Jealoused by adults for the little achievements she achieved. Blamed by parents for their shortcomings.

Growing up like that seems like a mess. In fact, it is. You just have to figure out how to handle it.

Cousins who looked at you fiercer eyes, cursing you, hoping you don’t exist, they could have been very successful by now instead of you.

Every move, every words they say is against you. They cannot see something good that’s happening to you, not because they’re blind but because they closed their eyes, rather thought of the bad things they knew about you, to lower your self esteem and for you to feel unsupported by them.

There’s nothing you can do about them, but you can do something about yourself. Figure out how to handle such insecurities. Living on your own terms trying not to impress them.

The negas won’t be pleased by any success you have achieved. It’s not because you aren’t good enough, but it’s because they already made a choice.

The power of choice can either hurt the world or heal it. There are reasons behind their choices, the other one is based on anger and the desire to take revenge, while the good side of it is a desire to make their dreams come true through the Youngs who can make it happen, while moving forward doing things that they can, trying things they think they cannot do. Most of the time, you’ll be surprised how good you actually are.

Buying stuffs for other kids isn’t really my thing, nor buying stuffs for adults, it’s because I hated how those people supported my needs, obviously not doing it because they wanted it, but because they care about what other people would say if they don’t. So the way they’re giving it away isn’t really because they’re happy. That’s why, they’re jealous of me and they couldn’t help it. Full of regrets that I became who I am today, when it could have been them.

Well, they thought it was easy to achieve something. They forgot to give me credits to my own little achievements. They took all the credits just because they have contributed a little bit of it, which can be paid of course.

Now here I am, fighting my fears of wrongly giving gifts to others aside from my self. It may not be me who gives, but it’s a friend who will and I’m just right here, supporting that good intention, making it happen.

At least, I am not discouraging her not to do it just because I am against it. Instead, I helped and I am so proud of it.

I have enjoyed the whole thing of helping her choose those toys, with the receiver in mind. Considering what he might want and if the gift is going to influence the child the right way.

I insisted she must choose a car, so that one day, when this child grows up, he would want to own his own car. It’s like toys are just helping them practice what’s the future awaits.

With the approval of the original giver, her friend, it happened and I am one of the happiest. Buying stuffs with the receiver in mind was never an environment I grew up with. They just buy stuffs because they like it for themselves, without putting their foot on the shoes of the receiver. They thought I was very happy because they give me those stuffs that they like for themselves, well, they should be, not me, but I’ll give back anyway. So, no bitterness attached. Well, of course, doing it the hard way. Giving back bread in return of their stones.

But what we did was amazing. I am so proud I went. At least I have contributed an idea, acted like a sales lady, and totally forgot what’s the other side of the story.

All we knew is that, we did it because we want someone happy. Although, yeah, I was very futuristic, I almost didn’t consider the babies age. Good thing she’s a baby friendly, I mean they all are. Oh well, I like everything they’ve chosen for the receiver.

But what delighted me the most is this little piano.

Yes! Finally, and we hope that he will become a good musician in the future. He will create combination of notes and make it into a song. I am so happy that she bought that, we both like it.

The other gifter chose a car, so we both like it. The other one chooses an animal with long neck, and I am not against it.

The other giver, we all decided it, it’s so much fit on his age.

All in all, it was a very wonderful journey, our hope your hearts felt satisfied with our babies gift.

I personally feel so delighted, I mean obviously, I would have like to have those toys as a kid, and because I am now an adult, I will just rejoice with the Youngs and give them the gifts I hope I had while I was their age.

I guess, I healed my phobia of giving. I thank you so much my friend for allowing me to join with your shopping. I was really having fun! Until next time..

If you want to give your child gifts? I have a list of gifts collected through amazon store. I will be earning through that page, so I gave my best to offer you the best choices I have.


I personally choose these products.. I have my own reasons and I will give my personal thoughts of each product on my next blogs. Stay tune..

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