Girl Instincts

Oh, have you ever wondered why someone felt familiar to you, and someone knows your little tricks?

Unlike all others who easily fell into your traps, like you know, that kind of mind games men are mastering so they can fuck whoever they want?

She’s not the right woman to mess up with. Dude, if you can play, she does playing too. Though, yeah, most men win because women are true lovers who’s stronger than you think they are.

Just because she forgives you, doesn’t mean she’s over it. Dude, they’re very kind hearted, very gentle, and very forgiving. Guess what an asshole would do? He’s gonna make her feel better for now and start messing her life again on the later part of the story.

You see? I knew a dude like that, asked me, I’ll tell you. I mean, most of them are the same. So, yeah, I’m just gonna zipped my mouth and just let them be themselves, that’s who they are after all.

I’m just saying, I’m so sick of them all. I hope they wouldn’t exist anymore, but unless there’s a woman who played along with them, they’re not going to stop.

So, I’m telling you, send them off already, if you know he’s not the right one. Of course you know. But girls could be playful sometimes and ended up crying over their mistakes.

Accept it, you can’t win it, he’s a total asshole. Just saying, you might meet one of them, just tell them right away. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time running after him.

Geez, it applies to all man and woman. Sorry if you’re not any of that. I mean, I salute you, you know yourself better than I do. So yeah, stick to your belief, hit the like button if you think I’m right. Otherwise, move on already. There’s no use fighting with my belief when I have already decided. Unless, someday, someone will prove me wrong.

All right! Be careful you all. Save your time and space for the best. I mean, trust your girl instincts. You knew it. Don’t be a bitch so you won’t be bitched even if the temptation is on its highest peak.

Good luck! 😁

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