This article is worth reposting. It is very urgent and important that we remain observant towards our own thoughts so we can easily recognize it and put it to rest.

Like a baby, we must constantly tell ourselves, that it’s not true. Whatever fearful thoughts we formed in our minds when it gets triggered by someone’s thought of you, or BaD comments about you. It is important that you are there to save yourself from becoming like one of your enemies.

It’s very important that we acknowledge our fears and take note of the triggers and the people associated with it, so we can baby sit ourselves and tell her the truth, of course so that we can distant ourselves from bad people.

It’s very advisable to deeply and completely accept yourself after feeling that trigger, that shame, that anger, that feeling of getting rid of the feeling emmediately, as well as taking revenge or like doing something unnecessary. Thinking and knowing that you are such an empathetic person who can feel energies from other people. Your fear of it is kind of normal since we were gentle human beings, not harsh like our psychopathic enemies who say cursive words. That’s how they react to the same situation we’re all encountering time to time. You’re lucky if you haven’t. The way they vented out anger by cursing you or others and letting you and others hear it, is another sign of total mental illness and a great depression, because they’re already numb, and they do not care how they affect the listeners specially the empaths, by cursing others.


Article 1

Given that your attention is such a powerful source for activating your body, learning to recognize how your attention moves in your mind is very important.

The important thing is that although our attention is physiologically very powerful, we often don’t have much control over it .


When feelings and thoughts arise , we sometimes try to push them away and avoid them , or we might ruminate about how to get rid of them. This inevitably causes more upset . So it is important that we compassionately recognize that much of what goes on in our brains is to do with the way they have been constructed by evolution and life’s circumstances .

Really what you are observing is ‘ nature’s mind. ‘ Supposing you have the thought ,’ I really hate that person because they were so unkind to me.’ ‘Well’, you could…

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