The significance of #40 as shared by Father Rev. Simon Peter

I went to the church today and attended the English mass. I was relieved to see my favorite priest preaching.

As always, he went extra mile in discussing the gospel of the day which is all about the the lent season. Season of advent.

He shared the importance of #40 in the bible. It was 40 days when moises suffered in the desert. He survived those times of trials. And 2 more which I have forgotten.

But this is why we also have 40 days lent season. It’s a perfect time to repent, to stop sinning, to clean ourselves, and to ask our personal intentions, since these days are the most holy days every year.

I am so happy to hear, how he reminded us to thank, to forgive, to let go of those you no longer needed. To change, to repent, to return back to the Lord.

It’s just awesome, too awesome that I am sharing this, until next mass! Stay tune for some good news!

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