Getting out from my comfort zone #8: My time with them

It’s my close friend’s wedding celebration. It’s been a long walk for her, when she finally found a perfect match. Not too long ago, she was moving on from a relationship that’s no longer serving her.

She’s done her part and it’s finally time for her to be with her husband. I am one of the happiest people who have been supporting her. She has been with me since college and I have experienced her kindness, truthfulness and sadness.

We’re kind of soul sisters because we can connect each other’s sentences. It’s pretty awesome and it’s kind of weird too. I’m a free-spirited alien and I am so happy to have a friend like her. I never thought she would be my friend because she’s got so many other friends that isn’t close to me.

Her wedding is coming and we’re celebrating it beforehand. To be around just to feel the glory of the place and having them enjoy and have fun made me feel so relaxed and feeling happy! Look at that happy face!

I will make a short blog about the place and the event soon after the ceremony! It’s a very quiet place to unwind. Located at the top of Liloan Cebu, PH. I can see Mactan New Town from up there. It’s very beautiful.

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