The act of restoration

When I was younger, whenever I hated someone or anything natural to others, I would try to change it. It’s so sad that I always ended up not following my personal goals because I forced myself to change others. I care too much and it goes to waste because it didn’t matter to them.

If I had regrets in the past, it’s trying to insist myself and fighting for what I think is right for others instead of doing what is right for me. It was the most tiring attitude I had that I managed to handle a bit. I cared too much about what others will gossip about that has to do with me. I would end up changing the other person which is always wrong.

Sometimes, you just have to accept that you’re with the wrong person. I kept on repeating this in most of my post here since it’s very important to your personal goals too. If you don’t like someone, stay away from them, ignore them, block them, find something you really want. If they kept on bothering you, asked them to be quiet. If they can’t be quiet then send them away. If you can’t send them away, then leave.. find what you really want and the people you really want to surround yourself with.

In my case, I think I had fought too much wanting to change people that I cared for their own sake that I ended up spending my time trying to change them. Sometimes, I changed them into someone they weren’t meant to be because I thought it’s good for them. In return, I attracted people wanting to change me into someone I am not meant to be.

Someone told me, “you changed me, I’m so angry with my self now, don’t change.” I didn’t get it at first, I finally did. The reason why I couldn’t be happier before is only one, “I care too much. I thought I know it all.” It’s true that “too much is dangerous to your health.” In the end, you’ll end up being sad. So inorder to restore others, you must restore what you have changed back to where it was. The best person to start with, is you! You were once careless, who doesn’t care about what others think.

You were once the happiest, free from worries and anxieties until false stories were told. With that fear of losing control in mind, suddenly, you changed yourself into someone you aren’t, based on what you have heard. To restore yourself back, you must unlearned what you know that are false. If you can’t decide which one is right, follow your self. Most of the time you’re right.

It happened to me, many times already. I kept on asking the wrong questions based on my doubts not based on what I truly believe. Sometimes, all you need is a confirmation. Believe in yourself not in what you know, because sometimes what you know is wrong. Your brain can be hypnotized but truth cannot be changed. So if you’re undecided right now, ask yourself, “What do you really want? Without your knowledge.”

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