Staying Hopeful after Odette (Typhoon Rai)

Attitude of hope and gratitude is the only way to keep moving.

We’ve been hit by Odette Typhoon, internationally known as Rai, and the electricity went off, online jobs ceased operating and so we’re standby for a week and maybe more. It’s a little frustrating knowing that others have been fully restored and our place still doesn’t have it.

We can only hope that all will be back before the start of 2022! We can only pray that everything will be restored back to normal. Pandemic did not bother me, but having no electricity is a little worrisome. Well, “It’s probably not going to happen, so stop worrying”, I remember, an author once said that.

Sometimes, we just worry about nothing instead of being thankful and grateful if what we still have. Sometimes, it just happened. It’s probably human nature, to think worst things in order to do something to survive and it made us all restless. Anyway, sometimes, all we can do is hope.

I mean, even if we’ll take the risk of going somewhere with electricity, it’s still not worth it I think, but if I’ll think deeply, maybe it’s a call for an adventure but I’m not in a mood for an adventure while everyone’s still recovering from the typhoon, it’s still depressing if we think about families who were so so affected. I only lost electricity and paused a job but I’m still worried like crazy. It’s nothing, not a tiger nor a lion around. No-ones going to attack anytime soon. Surprise gifts maybe yes. šŸ˜Š

I still have a home, I have friends around though they’re far, I can still talk to them, and help each other.. I still have a candle.. I have money while others don’t have. I have food, I have plans, others don’t have any.. I guess, the problem is not really the problem, sometimes it’s how I overthink again. Well, still couldn’t find a place for rent where there is already water and electricity and even if I’d be able to find one, signal would be a problem.

I’m thinking about the hussle of moving from one place to another just for a week or two and then what, return back or transfer for good. Is it for the meantime or for a long time. A lot of things to weigh. When you’re single and you have no-one to share rent with, you have to decide on your own and .. oh well, think about what “They’re gonna talk about you”. This is a good opportunity to escape from this place. A perfect opportunity and a valid reason to move somewhere big, somewhere quiet, somewhere safe from earthquake.. far from the people I hated.

Okay, so why not take my friends advise right. As stobburn as always.. The question is where? Far? Near? Just a quiet place with electricity so that I can return back to work.. with water. Still undecided. Maybe I’m still waiting for another pressure šŸ˜….. Oh well, there’s always pressure, and pressure is a good one as long as we’re heading at the right direction.

But wait, have I done this before? What are the pros and cons. Am I just doing it to escape a thing a couldn’t escape, same people everywhere. This is a real thing. Maybe I should learn something hehe cool. So let’s stay and wait what will happen next? Wait for a miracle? Or make the miracle happen. Do we need a change or is a thought of change makes us feel scared and undecided etc.

Or maybe we’re just too scared to be on our own, but we’re already on our own and it’s not that they’re helping or what, oh well in times like calamities atleast they’re around but the more they are the more problem they give, an opportunity to be of help, right?Hmm. The only difference if I move somewhere with electricity is that, I’ll be in peace. I’ll get to know new people which I am totally fine with.

One more thing, I am also a friendly fella, it’s easy for me to make friends if I started sharing and just being me. So yeah, I think the signal is the problem šŸ˜….. I could just asked. Maybe the hussle of going out there searching.. is it? Oh well, I hate searching, I already have one. I just have to be a little more patient. And it’s not that I’ll be able to escape from people I disliked, like-minded people will still be around šŸ¤£ everywhere we go darling. It must be another reason, if I’ll get married maybe? šŸŽŠ

So what, stay or search for that place or be a little more patient. Besides, it’s costly. Transferring cost, taxi fair is expensive than my day to day salary šŸ˜.. hmm – why not just relax and wait for everything to be back to normal and stop worrying about nothing. WTF is wrong with this human hahahaha. I did it before, I made it worse. I tried changing it, I made it worse. So why not sit still, stay still, relax, wait, stop complaining. Trust yourself and hope for the best! šŸ˜

Oke, more patience. Pressure is real but once it’s over, we will be able to rise and shine. I’ll start by saying, “Thank you lord I still have candles.” Thank you Lord, I’m still functioning. Thank you Lord, I’m still helpful. I can serve these people around. They’ve been helping me, they’re not the worst , it’s how I look at it. Thank you Lord, I can still ask food when I’m tired to cook šŸ¤£.. Thank you Lord I can delay my rent and my remittances šŸ˜.. You see! It’s a better place… Just be happy dude or you’ll grow old and tired not being helpful to anyone šŸ˜›.

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