You can do it

Sometimes, doubts are blocking my way. Sometimes, doubts are shaking my self worth. Sometimes, circumstances puts you in a situation where you questioned your self belief and self trust.

Just remember this, “You Can Do It!”

Don’t let people decide who you are, because that’s what they think you are. Don’t let people or anything, any situation decides your future. Don’t judge yourself now, because there is always tomorrow.

In the end of the day, it’s only you who is right about you. The rest are just guessing based on their personal perception of themselves, their past experiences and their life situation. Sometimes, people judged you because they see themselves in you. You don’t need their validation. See the difference between you and them.

The truth is, nobody in this world can see the real you, it’s only what you show. A friend once said, “Show me”. “Show me yourself, show me your true self.” Not the mask you put on, but the real you that’s observing and deciding.

One thing for sure, in the end of the day, “It’s none of your business”. No matter how deserving you are, no matter how good you are, no matter how perfect you are; if they won’t choose you, it’s not because you’re not good enough, it’s because their EGO is higher than themselves.

So be quiet and let them fall. Don’t stress yourself over something you have no control over. Move forward and save yourself. Life doesn’t end when a certain situation doesn’t go your way. Instead, look around and see open doors, the universe has created something bigger for you.

Let’s take that path instead. It’s way better than usual. It’s something new and it’s mind blowing. Don’t care too much about tomorrow because we have no control about it, but we can change how it’ll end. I hope you choose a story with a good ending.

If choosing is hard, remember that “You can do it”. Don’t let the past keep you stuck. Admit it, do the right thing. Yes, it happened. Now , I have the chance to make it right and I am heading there. If free to be myself, I would choose a whole new journey.

Let’s choose diversity. Let’s choose openness. Let’s choose highly satisfied and self fulfilled groups. People who inspires, people who guides, people who supports, people who can see better things in all things. “You can do it”. Let the judges judge, let the supporters support.

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