Be Weird, Be You, Be Unique

It was an honor being invited to the party. I had so much fun enjoying with the kids and adults who have attended.

I came early and felt a little shy so I had to wait for awhile outside to cool down. I was very early, they’re still preparing.

As a God-Mother to a cutie child, it felt quite interesting. Me, myself and I, went for a shopping, bought some toys and ate. This is me feeling so excited..

It was so amazing! It was my first time and I really had fun! Look at these decorations..

It’s the best. I have photos of them, I hope I can share my super happy face, holding such a cute little girl. I love to share to this little one, just not too much. Thanks for allowing me.

Happy people. Happy child. Happy hearts. Happy life. Happy Birthday!

It was also during this day that I faced my shame and fear of Bullying. We had this game where we were being ranked from the cleanest and shiniest face to the not so so.

Guess not, I’m always at the last, lucky number 5. Oh let’s face it, I’m not really into putting too much on my face, because she’s a little sensitive. My skin is so thin, I’m not applying anything but a mild cleanser and a soap.

I did also put a rollon, and really smelled by armpit right after the game, it doesn’t smell any bad but a rexona. Maybe the pollution outside makes my T-shirt smell differently? I had no idea. After all, it was a game 😂 Made for everyone to laugh.

I was really worried if the host will rank us again according to teeth structures. I also have quite a weird teeth but I somehow think it’s unique, so I didn’t bother to have it fixed , regardless of how much pressure my sponsor puts on me.

I like my everything, although yeah, to be honest, if according to my standard, I’m always failing. So I learned to simply accept myself and be weird and different, that’s how I will standout hahahah. Being bullied, but still happy and inspiring.

If there is one lesson I learned from that time, atleast I could have worn something elegant, applied something on my face and atleast changed my clothes to the new one I bought. My lazy ass didn’t bother.

We can always do better if we’re only open to change, to apply new things, and to make an effort to make a difference. Well, who have expected for a child’s party to be that nice, after all it was my first time attending.

Nevertheless, I am still happy and thankful that I got invited. It could have been a boring day for me at home, not doing anything. Watching the ironman and not participating is quiet frustrating. I always want to be included, so the party welcomed me. There is always another way to make us happy… Letting go of fear and trying new things is just another way.

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