IL CORSO escapade was a surprise

There is a thinking mind in every situation. Think for yourself, plan ahead and be specific, commit and let it be manifested.

We went to IL CORSO with team ok ok. I was surprised that we’re getting there via the CCLEX, and got so quiet enjoying the moment.

It was raining that day and we had a good time at SM seaside.

I have waited for long. I wanted to be there. I kept it inside my head and it gets manifested. Well, I was also hoping that I would be able to cross the CCLEX bridge, the longest bridge in the Philippines is in Cebu, connecting Cordova and the SRP.

The IL CORSO trip, made all my 3 dreams come true. At SM, while the 3Ms are wondering, they waited for us to finish. I remembered thinking of that time that someone’s waiting for me, unexpectedly after I’m done doing my thing. They were amazing.

They were celebrating someone’s birthday, I felt a little awkward coz my birthday is also the next next day. That day, I just enjoyed, felt the moment and took a lot of photos. There were lots of foods! We’re being surrounded.

Bangus Dynamite

SM seaside amazed me. I wanted to return to buy that shoes: it’s an office shoes. I also wanna ride that vehicle: a cute vehicle inside the mall; it looked like a scooter.

Hey, it’s me!!! Welcome to SM seaside Cebu

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