Keeping it open

Sometimes, there is a delay in everything that is meant for you. Sometimes, you just have to keep it open to allow things to come up on its own timing.

So, there was this App, it doesn’t open automatically, but we discovered that if we keep it open, we keep doing the next thing; after 30 minutes, it loads, on its own.

So I tried that, last year, and this year. I wasn’t planning for my birthday, but last year, I decided to visit Jpark, got amazed and wanting to be back there with someone special, someday. It’s a very quiet place, you can really relax, and enjoy your vacation.

This year’s birthday, I did not plan to celebrate but I ended up celebrating anyway. I chatted a friend, I invited her to eat out and she said YES. I was very happy, so we invited another friend from college and we ended up eating at a Korean restaurant.

Oh, the owner of the restaurant was a Korean. He was very welcoming and allowing us to stay late since we got in late too. A friend brought a cake so we ate it there along with these yummy dishes.

One of the reasons why I applied for a job is to be able to eat Korean foods, anytime at Korean restaurants..
Cozy !

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