Shift it

If she can’t understand it, she will switch it.
Maybe their from the other side, not really where you’re coming from.
If I can’t get it, then maybe I am reading it incorrectly.
If people are so weird and you can’t understand it, try another way to handle it.
Maybe it’s not a push nor a pull, maybe you’re facing at with a sliding door.

Shift on the other side if this side isn’t working right.
Step back a little, listen first to what I am saying.
Read until the end, let’s see what’s up with the message.
You will know what the title is and what you want to communicate.
Shift your thought back to your self, listen and choose the best.

There are only two ways you can choose from, the other one that hurts, frustrates, discourages, bullies, and disrespect, to the ones who uplift, agrees, supports, provides, and of course win it.
Choose the ones that will lead you to the brighter side of life.
If you want to float, then do it.
If you want to succeed then do it.

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