Ending the day

End the day happily, a choice you have to make, otherwise you’ll always regret yesterday.
Tomorrow has to be a new day. Every single day has to be ended happily.
No matter what happened on your daily journey, choose to end it up with a grateful heart.
There’s so much to thank, so much good things to think about.
Learning bad words and bad emotions isn’t a good idea. All of these comes from your mind, you must not let it stay there.
If you can’t recover it’s because you think you can’t.

Know something good, keep thinking about it. Yes, it will show up, that’s why keep thinking about good things not the bad ones.
Your mind is a counter, you are requesting something every time you’re thinking.
Make up your mind, I hope you’ll choose the good one.

End this day amazingly, thanking all the activities you have done this day.
Jogging and stretching as well as dancing, not to mention cooking and giving back, as well as writing were all good things.
There’s only one instance, a different angle, somebody you hate, it takes only one thought to not thank.
Negative thoughts, doubts and bad judgments keeps you blinded.
So better count your blessings, there’s no other way to perfection, you must learn to accept the other way around.

If you’re threatened to death, don’t be scared, you can always step back, a little, a little more, and more.
If they’re chasing you, then keep stepping back no need to worry, look at your enemy.
You can’t be backstabbed if you’re facing them.
It’s okay to fall, you can always pick your self up.
You can jump if you want, just trust your instinct.
End your day happily, don’t forget to remind yourself of the goals you have accomplished today.
You deserve acknowledgement, a good judgment.

Published by RMI

Hi! I'm Roselyn! I have a story to tell.. Lessons to share.. Love to express.. Hate to love.. Me to show you.. 😁

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