Beautiful You

That beautiful you is coming out without them by your side.
Simply being you is the best you can do.
No worries.
No critics.
No self doubts caused by those who are blind of your worth. It’s okay, the universe is protecting you from their jealousy.

You’re okay without them, you are happy with God by your side.
The universe is sending such good vibes, to keep you alive while decluttering people away from your life.
You deserve your peace.
You deserve a better place.
You’re valuable, not just a substitute of someone elses place, you’ve got your own, you deserve to claim it.

Become a sun, instead of becoming a shadow.
You are way better than you think you are.
Far from the truth, you must figure it out.
Keep your poise up, show them you can handle this.
You’re not born to be the least.
You are born to fly, to figure things out and to report to your lord, how beautiful the world is.

Be that person that glows.
Who owns the place.
Outshining the rest.
If it’s not meant to be.
I hope it will be.
In the future to come, you’ll become what you want to be.
Vulnerable from threats, but stronger enough to walk away from the thought of it.

You’ll see the difference once you have tried it.
Dare to see what’s ahead of you.
Without them in place, you are magnificent.
Surrounded by strangers, your heart is at best.
Breathing properly, that’s how life should be.
Away from gossipers who wants to destroy each other.
It shouldn’t be like that, you deserve your own peace.

Choose the people you will surround yourself with.
Declutter your thoughts about their judgments.
It’s up them, because it’s making them.
It’s all about them, the negative thoughts they’re sending.
Listen to your friends, why would they lie, the truth will be revealed.
The realist will even tell you their odd feeling when you’re around.

I hope you will understand that life isn’t set without you in it.
Your mind changes, so is the people you’re dealing with.
So don’t be afraid of meeting the rest, the best version of those people you wish will treat you the way your hearts badly wants it.
It may not be them, but someone will come.
People who belongs to your heart.
People who stays for good, people you are meant to find.

After all these years you’re still alive rethinking, redescovering, experimenting.
One thing for sure, your passion hasn’t change.
It will continue to bring you luck, so keep moving towards it.
You’re no longer crawling, you’ve been walking.
Let them see you at your worse they don’t deserve your best specially when they’re not cheering up.

But when someone uplift you, like that beautiful friend I have, you with become the best because you shared the same vision of your self and they don’t have it.
It may take time to get to know them, but you will and it will come.
Because it is meant to be, specially when your heart intentionally aims for the best.
The universe never say never to you who have a golden heart.
He will prolong your life, because he’s happy listening to your silence.
With that background music you both shared, the only way to connect with each other.

This universe is big, but it’s alive, I hope you can feel it.
It sounds weird to those who haven’t experience his bliss.
But when you does, you will feel really amazed.
Not by what you see but where he wants you to position yourself.
The right angle makes everything close to perfect.
It can relieve stress.

You are like a gift, only the right one know how to open you up, because they’ve got the key and they knew your way.
No need to speak up, your little move shows what’s up.
No way you can hide it, better show it, in order for you to be honest.
Mask is no longer helping.
If pretending is a crime, you’ve been sentenced to death.
But because the Lord knows your scared heart, you’ve been given a chance to unwrap yourself.

Take it not for granted, just get used to it.
They will do the rest.
Just like my high school teacher said, ‘you’ve done your part’ the outcome of their life is not a product of your choice.
It’s not up to you.
Others lives is up to them.
But yours is up to what you choose to become.

You can be who you want to be, I guess it’s really funny.
A little crazy but not totally.
After all you’re an open book, even if you think you’re not.
You can’t hide the fact that you’re a total click!
It will not haunt you, but for sure it’s not leaving you.
Use it or waste it, your charm is waving at your best.
It’s yours to praise, so don’t hesitate.
That beautiful you is smiling from the other side of it.
I hope you’ll take time to explore that best part of you that others rarely see, only those who are passionate, sharing their hearts with you, keeping you safe but progressing in all your ways. They’ve got the right eye on you. But be careful, not all who can see have a great melody, others came out of chance and they might take advantage of you, so be careful, that’s what my friend told me about two years ago.

Published by irose

Hi! I'm Roselyn! Username: irose PayPal (In case you wanna sponsor me I am a life warrior. I have been through shit, running away from my bliss. But I guess, I've had enough that I want to just be myself. *My mother dreamt of something great; I think I am doing it, this time!⛄

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