Turn Right

Be careful who you turn to, the other side may not be true.
They will just laugh at you.
Stand rather, stay strong, be yourself.
Build your empire, build your own foundation.
Entrust yourself to God that’s been by yourself when you’re in peace, not taking to anyone.
He value privacy, he doesn’t want to interrupt your day to day.
Make sure to turn right, choose the right part.
Stood up, let yourself be magnified.

They will see you shining, unlike what they thought you would become.
Sooner or later they will realize the mistakes they have done.
But the damage have been done, they’ve lost someone special.
She deserves to be with someone who can see her worth without having seeing it yet.
Her luck is at its peak, you better learn from it.

Be careful who you turn to, be careful who you wish to be with, not all people are true.
Be aware the possibility of being back bitten, but you can’t leave in fear, you must let it happen.
Let’s see what will happen, someday they will learn.
I hope they will apply it to the next person that they’ll meet, so they won’t lost it, again and again, without end.

For me, I turn right to the Lord, other than him is the same level as the one who pushed you away.
They’re just the same by the way.
Except the angels he sent to guide your way, seldomly, but if you call them, they’ll surround you with all that must be.
Although, if you want consistency, you have to be it to yourself.
You can’t really depend on them because they have the mouth that can speak up words that hurts.
Forgive them, in case it will happen, but be careful next time.

It’s up to you now, just choose to be yourself.
You have a life to pursue.
A beautiful tomorrow is waiting for you.
Stress ends now, it doesn’t have to stay.
It is passing away, everyday is a new day.
No not piling up, just let it go in the end.
If it’s already spoiled, then it’s time to be thrown away and be washed by somebody.
Haha, that sound crazy, don’t think that you’re using them, they’re spoiled because you have loved them so enough that they have forgotten how to treat you well, as well as themselves.

Turn right, if you must chill.
Remember to forget and forgive, it’s the only exit to your brain.
Outside of that box lies a beautiful dream. A heart that the brain misses so much. When it’s too busy, it’s sometimes forgetting to dance with the beat, sometimes it needs a rest, your heart is best at it.

If you’re not busy right now, try seeing them.
If you’re scared to see, then maybe you’ve got a monster in mind, you must first replace it with the real one.
The only person who can access your beautiful brain is you who is wearing it.
It’s a gift that you must treasure, and share what’s inside of it.

Maybe a combination of you and them can make a perfect melody that others also want to see.
You know, I love chemistry, it’s beautiful, it’s creating a new form and it sounds so interesting to me.
Accepting that this is life, life of creativity, where each one of us can create a great harmony.
A beautiful product that has been waiting to be discovered.
If that happens, the world will rejoice, and it won’t be a mistake.

Turn the right way, not the other way, and the only way is you having to decide.
If you’re being turn from left to left, choose the right path.
It’s confusing, but when you see the pattern, you will automatically be in balance with your righteous self.
You will be amazed, you will be blessed.
You will see the amazing results that you’re expecting to be the ending.
No matter how hard and challenging it was, failure there and here, but in the end, you will see the best version that they’ll be shocked to see.

If you want to learn, then turn right. Playing safe isn’t going to help you learn, because you will not feel it.
Emotions remember it and it’s staying still, the lessons remain because of that feeling.
Sooner or later, you will master it, that’s when you see the best results out of so much trouble you have been through.
The best you have come out, thanks to them, I am so happy and so blessed.
Turning it right, facing the test of failures in order to achieve the value the you must have, is worth all your time.

When you turn to the right path, right people comes in place, you may have to go through test after test just to see how master you are already. Then they can build their trust on you.
It’s for you, it’s a key towards achieving great success.
Your failures is a must, it’s just part of it.
Everybody fail first try walking, even the second try. But because they didn’t gave up, the baby us learn how to walk.
The pain was healed, the scars remain, but now it became an asset because it’s a sign that you have been through it.
It’s a proof of that you have tried hard enough to master it and you’re not only pitied.
So don’t be scared, go through it.

Published by irose

Hi! I'm Roselyn! Username: irose PayPal www.paypal.me/RoselynMina I'm a dreamer, bound to face all my fears, traumas, etc. I have been through shit, running away from my bliss. But I guess, I've had enough that I want to just be myself. *My mother dreamt of something great; I think I am doing it, this time!⛄

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