Acknowledge the truth and it will induce change of mind.
If you feel like you can’t change your mind because of fear, know why. And when you found the right answer, that’s when the truth will set you free.
Sometimes, the answer is everywhere but you’re forcing yourself to deny it because you want to prove someone wrong about something, worst thing is that you know it, you can sense something’s right but it just sound so badly so you don’t believe it.

When you deny the bad truth, that will block you from progressing and achieving your goals.
If you start acknowledging that someone doesn’t care about you, then you will recognize someone who truly cares about you. And when you decided to believe that sad truth, you can stop all those confusions and chattering behind your thoughts. Then you can move on.

Sometimes, truth hurts, I mean I guess it’s always hurtful specially if it’s not about your good things, that’s also why it’s easy to deny bad truth to avoid pain. Face it, deal with it, look for clues and proofs for you to believe it. It’s really painful specially if you have to admit that the same reason why they are who they are to you is the same reason why you have experienced that life right now, because you two are kind of similar in some ways after all she’s your close family member. But if you don’t admit yours and just blame it on to others, then you’re not going to do something about for a change. I mean, if they can’t, be the change, do it for you.

If you’re on the wrong track, you can still shift your focused destination back to where you’re meant to be if you have a change of mind.
You can come back and stay where she wanna stay, eat what she wants to eat, dance and sing with her perfect rhythm.
“I can make it right!” That’s what JK said in one of his songs.
In order to correct something, you have to accept the truth about the truth.
Go ask some professional help and believe what’s causing the issue and do something about it.
My teacher told us to do good as long as it’s not going to kill you, you’re safe.

Oh yeah, I remember, when you have to clean your messes, you have to see it first so you can clean it properly correct?
It’s okay to look back and reflect on those ugly things you’ve done before so you can start cleaning it up, but first you have to admit it happened.

It’s okay to lie but not to yourself or in your relationships, always be honest no matter what, unless of course if you’re just being sarcastic.
In the end, you’ll either start a new beginning or fall in your own lies over and over again.
I had a bad mother, oh she was my first mother, she often compared me with my cousins, how good they are, how beautiful their family are, how independent they are, how lucky their parents are because my cousins are their sons and daughters, and me and my brother made her suffer, like we’re pests, dependent Bullshits a burden to her.

She’s not even happy of us existing, me graduating, all she cares was them. All the praise to them, and all the blasphemy to me, all the belittlement despite all my little happiness. All the bad things, all the bad rumors goes to me and my father’s family. And all her acts about her family was meant for me. She felt bitter and she’s taking revenge to my father’s family through us by mentally abusing us. Even all my blessings she doubted, well what do you expect a daughter would treat herself if the mother is like that.

But I’m proud of her, that’s how bad she is, it’s unbelievable, it sounds iShe can make you feel worthless, like a witch, as if without her you’re nothing. And she always sound like she’s always right. And when you try to correct her, you’ll make her feel wrong. She will act like a victim for you to have mercy over her, but when you care you will be accused.

So if you have a mother like that, just ignore her, she doesn’t deserve your care.
Listen to the right people and pray for your own peace instead, there’s nothing you can do about her purpose and her choices. Don’t even try to interfere, mind your business, for your own sake, she’s got her reasons, and it’s none of your business to know it all just because you care.
All you can do is respect her and move on with your life.

I was always right growing up, I believe that I always have a real mother, and that’s my second mother not the biological one. The Universe will always give you the right one, just be patient.

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