Fight for your freedom, fight for your dreams, but fight the good way that will bring you to your goals and bring you to your perfect destination.
The old ways of fighting will no longer work, it’s only a waste of time, energy and of course it will cause delay.
Delay no more, when temptation knocks on your door, get lost to your main focus, let no destruction influence a bad decision.
In order to decide clearly, you must decide to take that trigger to the right way, moving forward.
Do the right thing, and do it always, do it in silence.
I used to use this phrase “Let’s see.”

Your emotion might start stealing your attention, but you must keep reminding yourself to move forward, it’s better to get going instead of getting stuck.
In order to keep you moving, you must first trust your gut feeling or natural instinct to direct your way moving forward.
Remember, utilize time so it won’t be wasted, it’s a blessing we have to consume it.
Make your own map, because this life is yours to decide.
Your success will be determined base on courage and the determination, the passion and the effort that you have invested.

Remember, and always remember to mind your own business, that means you will only respond to the right one, others are just a waste of time, you have to know your priorities and you have to decide to prioritize it because if you won’t, you will only welcome confusions that will keep you stuck until you forget to move and can’t get going.
You’re always allowed, but you have to face fear in order to believe it. As long as you choose a goal that is good and you choose an intention that’s also good, keep going.

Choose to do things on your own, accepting others tempting offers will only make you dependent, you must help yourself refuse and remove all those blockages, not all help is good for you, some is meant to decieve you; a help that isn’t needed must be refused because it will only harm you, specially if it’s coming from the dirty minded people.
Value little things, live on your own terms.
You must apply or ask for it, if the offer say you don’t have to do something in return, for sure it’s a trap.
A good giver would want someone to experience reality, will not force you to give back but always open to receive.

A good giver would want you to be independent; not a forever dependent to them and ended up calling you dependent to them and a pain to their ass.
The pain I have experienced from my biological mother’s family including her by the way, have been so deep. Healing that have been always impossible specially that I’m still staying under their roof.
She’s kinda obsessed and I mean they’re all the same in making me feel useless by just doing it all and giving us something without verbally asking in return, even if you will give back, they will refuse it to cover up their bad intentions.
The trick is that, make it errisistible, you must force it for your own sake.
Again, do it for yourself, save yourself or who else will. If you want new freedom, you have to let go of that old freedom.

If you want unconditional love, give it to yourself.
If you want to focus on yourself, stop chasing others.
Cease as a shadow and follow where your heart leads you that’s the only way you will ever experience the what we call ownership and satisfaction.
Bring yourself there, help yourself instead of helping others reach their dreams, unless of course if you are on the same team. You’ve got to help your teamates achieve their goals as well.
Always make sure you’re in the right company who shared the same goals as you, so that you will not drag each other down, you will support each other until you’ll get it all done. That’s the power of teamwork.

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