Promise not

Take only what resonates. I just listen to some voices. I’m not sure where it came from, but if it resonated with you, then click the like button, so I will also know.

Have fun!

“I really want to marry you but somehow I am affiliated with someone and I still couldn’t made up my mind yet.

I want to keep everything open between me and you because I know there’s a great potential within you and me.

You can be mine someday, but I cannot be yours because my heart is already tied to somebody, I so love her, I can’t let go.

‘Till death do us part, we promised each other. Now that she’s gone, I am so stuck here. I know I am helpless. I know I cannot move on, but I still want to have you.

I know how you’re feeling. Loving me without something in return. My heart belongs to the one who died, and with her my love get burried.

Still stuck in this burried love, so painful to me. I want to move on but I promised her. I am feeling this guilt of having you. I must be happy I know, but this guilt is also killing me. Shouldn’t have promised, but I already did.

I love someone, I thought it was you. I was thinking of her, it was crazy for you. I thought she was you. I thought she was the love of my life in you. Maybe it’s always been you.

Death isn’t the end, for your heart and mine remains. Until eternity, whatever faces we wear, we are still the same. But I am not sure of it, I am so depressed. Though I wanted something new, my wife just reminded me of you.

Everywhere I go, I see her. I know this is creepy. I made you feel dead within already. So maybe if you can let go of the old you, I will stop chasing you. I asked you to forgive me and let go of me already.

Like you, I also care about her, but she just wouldn’t listen. I thought I was giving her good advises by getting angry and giving her disapproval, but doesn’t stop her from doing what she wanted her life to end up like.

We’re probably just the same in so many ways. Caring too much to people who doesn’t care about us. Not listening, instead humiliating us and making us feel jealous of others because they listen to them anyway, and not us, making us feel worthless and useless.

But whatever advises I will give her she just wouldn’t listen to me. I don’t know, maybe I am stuck with her because of this tough love I have for her. Or maybe I just need to forgive her for doing this to me, and for making me feel unimportant.

So please help me let go of her.”

Alright, that’s the message.

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